All that is Yoghurt (Food Promotion) at Dilli 32.

Dilli 32, an Indian specialty restaurant at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel is one such place which never fails to impress me. No matter what they do, they just pull it exceptionally. After their ‘Mangolicious Food Festival’ at Cafe Knosh which is still on till 25th of this month, have come up with their another exciting Food promotion namely “All that is Yoghurt “. Yes, you heard it right ‘All that is Yoghurt ‘, as the name says it all the promotion consists of plethora of dishes having goodness of Yoghurt. Some dishes have been created in fusion style as well but without disturbing the main soul of the dish whereas few are remained untouched as Classics.

There is a special menu created for this 10 day promotion which will be there along with the regular menu of the restaurant for its patrons.
Chef Ashwani, Chef de Cuisine along with Chef Vimal has left no stone unturned in crafting the special menu. We luckily got the chance to experience the same and the highlights are as follows : An Appetizer platter, was the first thing served to us.It was a great combination of fusion and flavour. It had the traditional Dilli 32 kachori chat, Compressed Watermelon & Shrikhand and Avacado tartar. Burrata dahi k shoolay and Shikhampuri kebab were other scrumptious starters for sure.

In the main course, Chef Ashwani’s excellence was reflecting brightly. Dishes like Chha gosht, Murg ro khatto, Kashmiri dum aloo, Mochhi and Baked Khichdi were truly worth delishing. The creativity was not only restricted to food only but some amazing refreshing drinks were also made like Mango maniac, Cooler Dallas, Hawaiian cooler, Desi tadka and Fruit chuski.

We ended the awesome sumptuous treat on a sweet ending by enjoying desserts like Dahi k jamun o gul, Banoffee & Nutella greek yoghurt parfait and Lemony frozen yoghurt terrine with mix berries.


Overall it was a fabulously executed food promotion which is definitely worth experiencing. Visit Dilli 32 to believe it as it is on till 20th June only, so don’t regret yourself by missing it.

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