All New Sagar Ratna at Dlf South Sqaure mall, Sarojini Nagar

Sagar Ratna is a name which needs no introduction at all by now. It has become a safe and common place for family outing for meal. The best thing about it is that it has something for everyone when it comes to please our tastebuds.

Sagar Ratna, has now opened a new outlet at Sarojini Nagar, located at the Ground Floor of DLF South Square. This new Sagar Ratna at Sarojini Nagar has space of 150 cover and it also includes a party area for around 40 guests. The restaurant bears a modern contemporary look with cheerfully painted walls adorned with artifacts and figurines.

The restaurant serves the food aficionados with a variety of South Indian vegetarian delicacies in the most hygienic conditions. There are a host of dosas, vadas, idlis ,uttapamas cooked in pure oil and ghee. The chutney sambar and rasam have just the right proportion of ingredients to tickle every palate.The thali is a mouthwatering combo of different vegetable preparations along with pickles, sweetened yogurt and crispy papads.

The new outlet doles out preparations with new twists and intriguing innovations which include Idli chaat, Chettinad Masala Dosa, Vegetable Cheese Dosa and Podi Idlis, Nalla Karam & Nugulu.

Idli Chaat is a hot selling item amongst the foodies. These are crispy mini sized idlis dipped in sweetened curd , flavoured with roasted cumin powder, mint chutney, traditional imli sonth , garnished with boondi, pomegranate seeds . Another innovative dish is the Chettinad Masala Dosa whichis a twist of fusion in Dosas made with red and green paste of desi ghee and traditional masalas spread over 2 medium sized dosas, thus giving two different flavors. These dosas are served with 3 types of aloo bhaji along with coconut, red and green chutneys and piping hot sambar. The Vegetable Cheese Dosa is yet another interesting creation of Crispy Dosa Rolls with fusion of fondue style cream cheese laced with capsicum, carrots, onion.

Authentic South Indian vegetarian delicacies have been the forte of Sagar Ratna. The nascent coffee taste emanating from the filter coffee is another specialty which Sagar Ratna offers as native as south Indian homes. Moreover, being served in the traditional Dabra adds to the authentic flavor of this concoction.

Sagar Ratna offers specialty of the day , which is different every day. Badam milk is a hot favourite with the guests here. The place is patronized by commoners as well as glitterati, VIPs and Heads of top corporate houses.
So do give a try to this newly opened outlet for sure and treat your tastebuds.

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