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Amritsari Food Festival, Dilli 32 at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

Amritsari Fish

Dilli 32 , an Indian specialty restaurant of The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel which needs no introduction at all now. Chef de Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh is the reason behind the grand success of the fame of the place. His hard work and honest effort is reflected in his creations. I have been savouring the food at Dilli 32 continuously from last 5 years after coming to Delhi. I am highly impressed from experiencing the same consistency in his food, great passion in his cooking and the warmth with which he serves to his guests.


Nutri Masala Taka Tin

This time i was there to savour the Amritsari Food Promotion going on in the hotel at Dilli 32. Amritsar is a place known for its rich culture, tradition and food .So Chef has handpicked the specialities of Amritsar to curate his menu which included starters like Nutri Masala taka tin , Bhutteyan da kebab and Tikki rajmah diyan as the veg ones. All of them were so gorgeously prepared that they were no where behind the non veg ones at all. Especially for a hard core non vegetarian like me it is very rare to get pleased by the veg creations but must say they were bang on. Amritsari Machhi, Highway Chicken tikka and Lawrence road de tawa de tikkey were my favourites from the non veg category.

Chicken Tikka

Lawrence road ka Mutton Tikka

In the main course Chef’s Special mutton curry , Rara Chaanp and Gurda kapura were the picked up ones though my favourite was Rara Chaanp. Again in the main course i was blown away by the veg dishes……..specially Aloo te vadiyan, Baingan bharta and Aloo bukhara kofta. Though they were quite simple dishes but doing it perfectly is not that simple. Kudos to Chef Ashwani and his team, he made it possible. The dishes went very well along with the assorted breads including Naan, Kulcha, Parantha and Missi roti.

Gurde Kapure

A sumptuous soulful meal indeed it was. The Amritsari culinary journey ended with the sweet offerings like Gur ka halwa and Phirni. Phirni was something which we get to try normally also in Delhi but Gur ka halwa was something beyond description, simply divine. It was an excellent experience overall on Amritsari food for sure. The staff and the service was quite courteous and efficient as always. This place and this Amritsari food promotion is definitely worth trying.

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