Taseer-e-Hararat food festival at The Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

Indian Cuisine is very vast and has a lot of variety. I believe it is the most diverse cuisine in the world. With every 100 kms the language changes and so does the food. Keeping the extreme temperature of North India, the food here is also prepared  accordingly. As there are special ingredients for summer menu, there are an array of spices and dry fruits for winters also that are included in the preparation to keep the body warm from inside. The warm nature of these dishes also help people digest their food easily as well.

Murgh Chargha

Adana Kebab

Chudidar Pista Aloo

Mirchiyon ka Mela

Considering  the chilly winters in Delhi, Celebrity chef Nikhil Rastogi has curated a special food festival “Taseer-e-Hararat”  for Singh Sahib at The Eros Hotel.  Chef Nikhil Rastogi has also included dishes from across the border as well. The menu has been curated based on a list of ingredients known for their warm character for example Kesar, Garlic, Clove,Chillies, Meats, Spices, Pista etc.

Adana Kebab

Shigdi ke Khumbh

We were here today to try the menu and experience the culinary excellence The Eros Hotel is known for.  Singh Sahib has indoor and Al-Fresco seating as well. The buffet lay out is done in the Al-fresco. The lay out has a lot of live preparations going on with bar be ques, Big Tawas, Hot Plates and fryers in place.We chose to sit inside so that we could also enjoy live Gazals as well.

Hari Singh Nalwa ki Raan Pasanda

Makai Murgh Hareesa with Stuffed Kulcha

Our food trip started with Gosht Nurani Shorba. The soup was the perfect start to the evening. For Starters we were served Adana Kebab, Murgh Chargha, Shigdi ke Khumb, Makki ki Roti Chicken Tikka Roll, Machchi Lahsooni Charghaa and Mirchiyon ka mela. Adana Kebab is an Afghani preparation and they are grilled on a bar be que in flat seekhs. They were the best of the starters and  Murgh Chargha and Makki ki Roti Chicken Tikka Roll were also very good. Makki ki Roti Chicken Tikka Roll is also a must have. The makki ki Roti gav ethe perfect crunch and tikkas gave the essential flavours. Shigdi ke Khumbh and Mirchiyon ka mela were also just brilliant.

Rawalpindi Murgh Musallam

Saag Makhani Lahsooni Paneer Pasanda

In the mains we were served Pashtuni Machchi masala, Rawalpindi Murgh Musallam, Saag Makhani Lahsooni Paneer Pasanda, Dera Daal and Hari Singh Nalwa ki Raan Pasanda. Raan Pasanda was just too good, Mutton was cooked to perfection and the Biryani was loaded with flavours. Rawalpindi Murgh Musallam and Saag Makhani Lahsooni Paneer pasanda were great and they were served with a variety of Breads. Peshawari Naan was something special, stuffed with khoya and coconut mix, the naan was a little sweet but complimented the curries. Bolani, Anda Keema Parantha and a variety of kulchas were also served. Then came the best part, Makai Murgh Hareesa. Hareesa was very close to Haleem. It was absolutely superb and we all loved it.

Lahsoon ki Kheer


Akhroth ka Halwa

Amongst the desserts we loved the Akhroth ka Halwa and Lahsoon ki kheer. Akhroth ka Halwa was so delightful that we had to repeat it even after being stuffed totally.

An amazing culinary affaire came to an end and we were overwhelmed with the soul satisfying experience. Kudos to the team at The Eros Hotel and special mention for Chef Nikhil Rastogi for giving us such a great experience.

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