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The Global Gate Project at DLF Cyber Hub

Festive season has knocked the end of the year to bid it adieu on a celebratory note. We all love celebration and merry making, especially now when there are series of reasons to celebrate coz festivals like Christmas and New Year are around the corner. Adding to this, DLF Cyber hub has come up with an event “The Globle Gate Project ” which is a cultural exchange Festival in association with ‘One World Foundation’ which is there with a noble reason. The country represented this time is Afghanistan so it is “Indo Afghanistan Cultural Exchange Festival”. Where in the world everybody is busy in making themselves happy, Dlf Cyber hub is focusing on something which will create and spread happiness with much more intensity not only in these two countries but beyond for sure. Afghanistan, being a place where terrorism prevails insanely, where people living there are not sure of their lives while stepping out from there homes, where they are bound to carry guns all the time for their defense, we can imagine how dreadful the life is there. So a step like this is indeed a very appreciable which will not only help in cultural exchange and trade only but will also make the bond also much stronger.

‘ONE WORLD FOUNDATION’, is an organisation which is the main brain behind this noble cause. Ms. Deepshikha and Mr. Siddharth ,the founders have left no stone unturned in making this a hit inspite of many hardships. They have made this possible for the artisans from Afghanistan in bringing their art and culture on a global platform like this. The kind of exposure these artisans are getting is not only enabling them to showcase their art and craft to the world but also boosting their confidence a lot too.

This exhibition has already started from 15th of this month and is a 5 day affair which will end on 20th. This five day long handloom exhibition presents an amalgamation of ethnic Indian and Afghani fashion with a core focus on handloom, textile and handicraft heritage. The festival is a visual ecstasy for all the art lovers with vendors displaying huge variety in apparel, home decor and accessories.

We got an opportunity to witness this exhibition, interact with these artisans and know about their story, struggle, inspiration etc. To mention a few were, the guy at Afghanistani carpets by Hussain and Sons Carpet where we got to know that because of terrorism he was not able to continue his studies and hence started working . The couple at the stall of Handicrafts by Gujarat ,the couple with their other family members were thriving on street with this art of creating extremely gorgeous handicrafts but in a very poor state then people from One World Foundation helped them out in coming from there. The story of Mr. Suresh pant from Drift Wood Art was also quite intriguing as well as Sahil from Koshish an autistic child preparing wooden trays as his hobby. There were majorly 40 artisans brought from different corners of India and Afghanistan showcasing their art and craft. One can shop for Afghanistan Carpets, dry fruits, Saffron, Jewellery, Asafoetida, Onyx as well as Bhagalpuri Silk, Punjabi Jutti, Leather Bags Rajasthan, Turkish pottery, Khurja Pottery, Kullu Jackets ( Artisans who makes jackets for our PM Shri Narendra Modi), Drift Wood work from Delhi, Woolens from Punjab all under one roof.

There will be performance of Rajasthan’s Ghoomar and Kalbelia dance from Afghanistan on the last day of the festival (20th Dec) for the guests.

Date: 16th to 20th December, 2017
Time: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Venue: DLF Cyber Hub
Entry: Free
So peeps do give a visit to Dlf Cyber hub and explore different variety of art and handicrafts showcased by the Indian and Afghanistani artisans.

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