Japanese Food Festival at Asia Alive, Double Tree by Hilton, Gurugram


Hilton is among one of my favorite star rated properties, i love the class and elegance they maintain. AsiaAlive at Double Tree by Hilton is indeed one of the finest oriental restaurant serving some scrumptious food.

Recently they hosted a fabulous Japanese Food Festival. They have collaborated with an award winning Chef, Karma Tenpa Gyalthang who specially flew down to curate the menu. This 12 days gastronomical journey to Japan which started from 30th Oct and ending on 10th Nov sounded really exciting to me. Japanese Cuisine is one such cuisine which really interests me to explore more n more. The complexities in the simplicity of the cuisine is what i like a lot.
On meeting with Chef Karma, the spectrum of my knowledge for the cuisine really got widened. The menu curated for the festival was perfect having something from all the different categories covering different techniques in which Japanese food is cooked and served. Like Nimono, Sushi, Yakimono, Agemono and Noodles are to name a few.

We first started with Chicken Nanban, a Nimono which in Japan is any simmered dish. Chicken nanban was very nicely prepared where fried chicken was soaked in a sweet and sour nanban sauce. It is originally a regional cuisine from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu Island but now it is a very common dish served all over Japan.

Chicken Nanban

Next was Sushi which we all know is a must when we are talking about Japanese food. There was an array of veg and non veg sushi served to us. Needless to say, they were done brilliantly.

It was then followed by Agemono which had fish and veg tempura. Agemono in Japan is called to any deep fried dishes and for me anything which is deep fried can never go wrong….. (for me atleast…yes)
After that was the turn of Yakimono which in Japan means anything which is grilled, broilled or Pan fried. In this we got to savor two very delicious preparation by Chef Karma, were Salmon Teriyaki and Yaki Tori Momo Tare. Salmon Teriyaki was excellently prepared where the Salmon was broilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Yaki tori momo tare was a grilled dish. It is actually a Japanese type of skewered chicken which is grilled over a charcoal fire and is typically seasoned with tare sauce or salt. Both of them were just beyond description.

Salmon Teriyaki

In the last came the noodles Kake Udon, Udon noodles with dashi broth soup. A classic simple yet flavourful Japanese preparation where the Udon noodles are served in clear Dashi broth soup. Dashi stock is an incredibly simple broth made of three ingredients water, Kombu (dried kelp) and Bonnito(fish) flakes which gives Umami kind of flavour to the dish. Kake Udon is the simplest way to eat hot udon. This dish doesn’t require any toppings.


Kake Udon

In between the meals, the candid conversation with Chef Karma proved to be quite informative and interesting too. It added to the overall majestic experience of our’s for sure.
So peeps head out to Asia Alive at Double Tree by Hilton to savor this fabulous gastronomical journey to the land of rising Sun, Japan else you will regret for sure.

Place- Asia Alive at Double Tree by Hilton
Timing- 7 Pm onwards, Only Dinner
Till – 10th Nov only
Price- 1750 plus taxes

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