Mahamudabad Food Festival, First destination of Dining with Maharajas at Dilli 32

We all now very well know that Dilli 32 at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel masters in Awadhi cuisine. After super success of The Grand Trunk Culinary Food Festival, this time they are doing a culinary series with the theme” Dining with the Maharajas”. Mahamudabad is very near to Lucknow and the team has picked Mahumadabad as their first destination. The cuisine here is preserved and expanded over the years, approximately 400 years. The food here is influenced a lot by Awadhi cuisine but it is not exactly same as Awadhi Cuisine.

Dilli 32 has been transformed into a Maharaja Palace  theme Restaurant to give a Royal dining experience to its patrons. The menu has a an array of scrumptious delicacies along with a plethora of options to choose from. The spread is so good that it is really hard to resist from trying every dish. Though we tried a lot but it wasnearly 60% of the menu only i think. Chef Ashwani, who is Chef de Cuisine of Dilli 32, the Indian speciality restaurant of the  hotel is the main head behind this sumptuous festival. The passion by which the chefs have curated the festival is definitively  commendable and is highly appreciated.

The team here has handpicked the delicacies popular from the kitchen of the  King of  Mahumadabad and curated a royal culinary heritage experience for their patrons. We started the royal dining experience with Navrattan Kebab, Kathal ki Shammi, Meve ka Samosa, Shammi Kebab, Boti Kebab, Murg Mussallam Kebab, Murg Aftabi Kebab and fish fry. All the starters were very well done. The marination of the Chicken Kebabs was superb and the Shammis were cooked to perfection. There were a few live preparations as well. Karche ka anda (A sunny side up made in Karchi), Khade Masale ka Keema, Aloo Tikki and Khasta Kachori were the live preaparations happening. Karche ka anda and Khade Masale ka Keema are must try.

Amongst the main course dishes like Paneer Hazrat Mahal, Dabi Arbi ka Salan, Tale Aloo ka Salan, Murg Zafrani, Nihari and Zameen doz Machli were our options which we strictly recommend. Nihari was the best Nihari i have ever had. The curry was not that viscous and was spicy and went extremely well  with the Sheermal, which is also the recommended  bread to have the Nihari with. The rustic spices could be tasted and fragrance was killer. Zameen doz Machli was also one of the stars. For vegetarians Paneer Hazrat Mahal, Dabi Arbi ka Salan and Daal Dilli 32 are recommended. Daal was truly  outstanding.  The Biryani and Noor Mahal Pulao were also lip smackingly good.

Sweet dishes were just super awesome, “Umda” is the word. Doodh Ki Barfi, Laab – i – Mashooq, Kali Jaam, Imarti Rabdi Lachcha, Hari Man Bhari and Shahi Tukda were their in the spread. Laab – i – Mahooq is actually beet root mousse and was definitely a delicacy that no one should miss. Doodh ki Barfi was also very good.

They had a lovely spread of chutneys available and they all are highly recommended, specially Pineapple Chutney and Mirch ka Achar.

Head to Dilli 32 to enjoy this Royal Culinary feast.

Price – Rs 1677/- ++ per person
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