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Punjab grill is known for their delectable North Indian Cuisine for several years. Punjab Grill Tappa is like a US returned cousin of Punjab Grill. The focus is not on fine dining family  place but rather a place to meet and greet friends . Cocktails & drinks which goes very well with Finger food served in a modern way.


Pathar ke kebab

The food here is really good. We started with Pathar ke Kebab which was very nicely platted. It was accompanied by some nicely done veggies which went very well. Salmon Tikka with its subtle marination  retained the taste of the Salmon. As we were in a North Indian set up we had to try their version of Paneer Tikka. It was nicely presented and came with a tomato chutney.

We also tried Mutton champ which was  too soft and not the kind of soft you like but the kind of soft which does not seem good. They have used too much Raw papaya and the latex in papaya has spoiled the texture.


No Tappa’s bar is complete without some good cocktails. First Cocktail we tried was  Birmingham Chachi which was Gin infused in Saffron. It tasted good as it was not Diluted. The other drink which tried was Enfield and it was not Good. A gin cocktail should not suppress the Flavour of the Gin   or else use Vodka


Main course was a joy ride. Haleem Khao suey was nicely done and we loved it. We also tried the Himalayan Trout which was fresh and you could taste the natural flavors of the fish. The churry Kutti or the crumble is a must have it comes with many options from chicken to sea food to veg


After all this we were sure we would have not tried the desserts but the very attentive staff suggested we should.  Everything from Mango cream Brule to Kulfi was amazing


My Take – The food is excellent no doubt. The staff very attentive. They should work on their Cocktail Menu. The Pricing of the food is slightly on the higher side.




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