Goan Shack Menu at Zambar


Zambar is known for serving superb coastal food over the years. We still remember the Thallasery festival we experienced in our last visit. They served one of the best coastal food we have ever had. This time they have curated a Goan Shack Menu for foodies like we are.


Goa is generally known for its tourism and the food is also equally popular. Goan cuisine is an amalgamation of cultural influence Hindus, Muslims and Portuguese have provided. Sea food, Pork, Rice, Coconut are the main ingredients with use of intense spices and Kokam gives the uniqueness.

Zambar Zambar













The ambience is very nicely done and is calm and cosy. Beautiful Goan music was adding a character to the ambience as well. We started our Konkani food trip at Zambar with Bangda Mackeral Reichado. The fish was perfectly marinated with Red masala and Toddy Vinegar. This shallow fried fish proved to be a perfect start. Masala Rawa Fried Prawn, Chorize Sausages Chilly Fry and Rossa Omlete followed the fish. Fried Prawn marinated again in Reichado masala were also very good , but for us Mackeral was the star.



As a main course Goan Fish Curry, Mushroom Xacuti and Pork Vindaloo were accompanied with Sungtyache Pulao and Breads. Mushroom Xacuti was the best of the lot. The brown masala based curry was so flavorful that a hardcore non vegetarian like me also liked it more than the Pork and Fish dishes. Pork Vindaloo was also good but the Goan Fish curry was the winner amongst the non vegetarian main course options.










Last but not the least came Bebinca for the desserts. This was undoubtedly the best Bebinca we have ever had. This was the first time I was liking Bebinca. The second dessert was Banana Chocolate Pancake and it was also pretty good.Zambar


This Goan Shack Menu at Zambar is must try for all food lovers. The Feestival is on till 5th of June.

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