‘Rangla Punjab’ Food Festival at Punjab Grill, Saket

Rangla Punjab
‘Rangla Punjab’ means bright and colourful Punjab. We all know that Punjab is a land of culture which is full of life. Here every possible thing is celebrated, relished and enjoyed making it a even more rich and hearty place. Likewise is the food of Punjab it has its own charm quite rich, vibrant and sumptuous.
Rangla Punjab
Punjab Grill is a name ,known for serving its patrons some delectable flavours of Punjab. Like the last year this time as well ,In Jan 2017 , Punjab grill organised another mystical journey through the culinary by-lanes of PUNJAB through its people, food and culture. The experiences from the journey of exploration has been now brought in form of “RANGLA PUNJAB FESTIVAL” at Punjab Grill, Saket. This is the second time where they have tried to bring the best of the best dishes inspired and sourced from the most genuine Punjabi flavours. A special menu comprising of 15 very intrinsic and signature dishes from Punjab is curated for its guests. It looks like the culture is served on the plate.
Rangla Punjab
We experienced this fabulous gastronomical culinary journey of Punjabi flavours recently. Well to start with, the very famous Kali gazar ki kanji was served as welcome drink followed with some sumptuous appetizers like Mutton tawa k tikke, Tikki choley, Mutton Champa and Chargha murg. Chargha murg was though an interesting confrontation. A dish where generally a whole chicken or chicken breasts are first marinated and then steam cooked and then again roasted. This dish has quite strong and piquant flavour because of the special chargha masala they use in preparing it. The uniqueness of the dish is that it can be had as an appetizer or in the mains as well. All were well prepared and proved as nice selection of course. In the mid we were served huge glass of Punjabi lassi which was quite thick and satisfying as the glass was really huge.
Rangla Punjab
Keema karela, Makhani chooze 1965, Kachhi mirch ka paneer and Lal lobiya were the interesting mains which can be seen in the Rangla Punjab festival menu. Atta Chicken was the highlight​ dish for sure where the whole chicken was marinated in spices and then wrapped with fine cloth. After that it is again covered with a layer of Atta from all the sides and then cooked in tandoor. It is then served as whole in front of the guest on their table, unrapped and served. It is like a complete treat to the senses. Nice and succulent Chicken is the result of this fabulous preparation. A must try for sure.
Rangla PunjabRangla Punjab
Wadi pulao was there as a nice accompaniment . Desserts like Fruit cream and Gurh ka Halwa were there to end the meal on a sweeter note. Gurh ka halwa stole our hearts simply because of its nice and rustic taste. Overall a nice worth visiting festival it is , though the only thing i felt was that there should have been some more veg options and presence of some fish preparation as well in the menu.
Rangla Punjab Rangla Punjab
Venue : Punjab Grill, Saket.
Cost : 1800 Rs plus taxes.
Timing : 11 am to 11 pm.
Last till : 28 th April.


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