Ray Spray Cooking Oil

Ray Cooking Spray

In today’s world health and fitness is taken very seriously as it obviously matters a lot . A healthy lifestyle is almost a necessity but unfortunately because of the mechanical life which we are living it is quite difficult to maintain it. In this our food /intake plays indeed a very vital role, to which the fast pace of hectic schedule doesn’t allow us to do much about it. So LB Industries have introduced a revolutionary product “RAY COOKING SPRAY OIL”, which is crafted in such a way ensuring a change in our unhealthy dietary lifestyle.
RAY, Cooking spray is a natural convenient way to cook without the calories of Oil or Butter. It just has to be sprayed on any pan, Cooking ware, griddle, baking and microwave dishes instead of pouring lot of Oil or dollops of butter. It is indeed a healthy alternative to cooking oil. RAY cooking spray, makes you free from worrying about calories intake as it reduces the regular oil intake by 10 times and fat consumption by 80% . It has a unique dispensing mechanism which evenly spreads the oil over the cooking surface . It is free from harmful Argemone oil.
RAY, comes in four different variants – Sunflower, Olive, Ghee and Groundnut which enables to cook from continental salads, grills to Indian curries and everything in between.

● It is safe in use as the product is approved by FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) & Ministry of Health.
● It is free from harmful Argemone oil.
●It has 0 Cholesterol Trans fat.
●It has only 2% Calories per spray.
● It has discretion of 750 sprays per can.
●Along with the respective variant of Oil, additionally it has the propellants of Butane, ISO Butane, Propane, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Soy Lecithin which do not mix with the oil when it is sprayed but get released in the air leaving only a layer of oil on the cooking surface.
● It is best consumed before 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Packaging –
●It comes in a cylindrical can with a plastic lid.
●Having net volume quantity of 250 ml or 200 gm or 750 sprays.

Direction to Use –
● Shake the can well before use.
● Remove the given lid and hold it up-straight .
●Spray from the pointed nozzle atleast 10 inches away from the cooking surface, it ensures even spread of the oil.

Precautions –
●Do not spray onto red hot surface or on open flame as it is as inflammable as any other oil.
●Do not store at temperature above 52 degree Centigrade.
Always store in a cool and dry place at room temperature.
●Do not refrigerate.
●Keep it , out of the reach of children , Avoid spraying in eyes.
●Do not puncture or incinerate.

From where to Purchase –
●It can be either bought from the places mentioned in the cities on their website ie. or from their Facebook page ie. RAY cooking spray.
●Big Basket and Amazon also keep this product.

Price –

For further information and details and some really scrumptious spray recipes do visit their website and You tube channel.

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