Breakfast menu of is one of the best options indeed to order your food online where expert Chefs prepare the meal ensuring the quality of the food . One of my friends told me about the latest breakfast offerings from the, so thought of trying the same. Their delivery facility is quite impressive and the food is superb too.
 “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper”, it is quite a popular saying which goes absolutely correct on us. After fasting up for a long gap of eight to twelve hours our body needs a nutritional meal for the easy execution of the whole day. A power packed breakfast not only fuels up our body but also provides enough energy to our muscles that are necessary for physical activity throughout the day.
 Well from their loads of varieties I ordered some sandwiches, dessert and some power pack cereals etc. Well they are as follows, Chicken ham sandwich was a nice meaty stuff to start my breakfast with whereas Junglee sandwich was quite a flavourful, colourful and a veggie delight. Chicken sausage brioche was a nice ensemble of sausages between toasted slices of brioche bun ,layered with a creamy mayonnaise and fresh lettuce.
 They went really well with the hot chocolate which also I ordered from the same. Apart from these, their Overnight steel-cut Oats jar and Yogurt Fruit parfait were simply fantastic, indeed healthy as well as tasty. Ending a meal without dessert is a crime as per me, so to save myself from that I did order their Choco chunk muffin and Mini marble cake. Choco chunk muffin was really nice and gooey but their Mini marble cake was a bit dry so I couldn’t relish it that much. Rest all of them were quite satisfying. I would surely recommend this to everyone for sure. is definitely worth a try.

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