Kolkata Food Festival, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

Kolkata Food

Bengali cuisine is one of the most unique cuisines in India. It has been influenced a lot by Mughals, Europeans and Chinese over the period of time. They use a lot of fresh water fish in their preparation. There is huge variety of fresh water Fish available in Bengal. Illish is the most popular Fish here. Roui, Pabda, Bhetki and Bata are the other varients of Fresh Water Fish. The Bengalis also use regional vegetables to the best possible ways. Mustard seeds are used mostly in all the dishes, only the form changes. Sometimes they use whole mustard, sometimes Mustard oil and sometimes fresh mustard paste. For example Kashundi, a fresh mustard sauce is my favourite Dip. I cant imagine having fried Fish without it. The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in East Delhi are now having a Kolkata Food Festival in their most celebrated Restaurant, Dilli 32.

Bengali CuisineBengali Cuisine







Bengali Cuisine

This journey started approximately a year ago with the onset of The Grand Trunk Road Culinary Journey. The First Pit Stop was Amritsar and now the journey ends with Kolkata Food Festival . In my opinion this is the one of the best of the food festival series I have witnessed in a long time.

Bengali Cuisine

We were here today very excited to try one of my favorite cuisines at Dilli 32. The Bengali Food Festival started with Gondhoraj Ghol with Jhal Muri. Gondhoraj is a Lemon specially available in Bengal. The Gondhoraj Ghol was the perfect start to culinary journey and the Jhal Muri acted as a perfect combination. Amongst the Starters Mochar Cutlet, Aalo Chop, Bata Fry and Mutton Chop were the best of all the starters we were served. Infact Mochar cutlet (a special cutlet made using Banana Flowers) and Bata fry are must must have.

Bengali CuisineBengali Cuisine Bengali Cuisine











In mains Bhetki Paturi, Chingri (Prawn) Malai Curry, Macher Jhol, Sukto, Begun Bhaja, Kosha Mangsho and Chholar Dal were made to perfection. Don’t forget to accompany Kosha Mangsho with Luchi (Poori) or Korishutir Kochuri (Peas Kachori).  Macher Jhol was also a blast of flavours and fabulous end to the main course. Amongst the Desserts Mishti Doi, Pantua (Gulab Jamun), Payesh (Kheer) and Sondesh were the absolute winners.


Bengali Cuisine Bengali Cuisine







We wish The Dilli 32 team best of the wishes for this festival as well and Kudos to the team in making  The Grand Trunk Road Culinary Journey a great success. They have been perfect in their research and implementation both and the hard work can be seen in Kolkata Foood Festival as well.

Timings :- 7:00 Pm till Midnight

Price :- Rs. 1500/- ++ per head.

Note :- They have a rotational menu.

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