First INDO JAPAN Food Forum by MAFF Japan

Indo Japan Food

FIRST INDO JAPAN FOOD FORUM by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), Japan

India’s first Indo-Japan Food Forum took place in Delhi on March 16, 2017.The forum gave a way to Japanese food processing companies to come and invest in India with their advanced technology. The theme of the forum was “Food and Health”. The prime objective of the forum was to show advantages of Japanese food and its technology which is good for both taste and health.

The forum was attended by various dignitaries from the world of food and health that we got a chance to meet and listen to. The session by Chef Julia was particularly of interest to us. She took us through Chef Jatin and her journey of creating the fusion menu of Indo and Japanese food and shared it with us through an amazing video along with interesting anecdotes.   Mr.Tejima, founder of Sushi Junction was also present at the forum. He his inspiration of entering in Indian market and the similarities between the Indian and Japanese palates and the growth of Shushi Junction in India. As we love Japanese food we could not thank him enough for bringing Sushi Junction to us(in our hearts).

The highlight of the event was the food tasting session where we got to try the mouth-watering dishes which were a mix of Indian and Japanese flavours and ingredients. The spread was lavish and included dishes such as Japanese bhel tart with tofu fritters, pan fried kulcha with paneer, soya and Japanese mustard, miso tandoori pulled chicken on wasabi soya wafer, mango leather with sweet bean paste and crushed walnuts and red bean doughnuts with macha tea frosting.

Try out the easy recipes from the Indo- Japan Food Forum below and create an impression in the next party that you host:

Japanese bhel tart with tofu fritters

4, servings, 30 min

Indo Japan Food



  1. Chopped spring onion (white and green) 200g
  2. Chopped red chili 20g (1 number)
  3. Chopped tomato 50g
  4. Chopped cucumber 50g
  5. Japanese puff rice 100g★
  6. Salt to taste

7.Sev 100g (Sev is like namkeen)


For marinated

  1. Plum paste 50g ★
  2. Brown sugar 50g
  3. Lemon juice 20ml
  4. Japanese spicy condiments 5g★
  5. Water less than 50ml
  6. Salt to taste


For pastry/tart

  1. Flour 100g
  2. Butter 60g
  3. Salt 1g
  4. Egg 25g/ 1 egg


For Tofu fritters

  1. Silk tofu cutting 2 cubes (1.5inch) 50g
  2. Corn flower 20g
  3. Japanese spicy condiments 5g★
  4. Water 20ml
  5. Panko (bread crumbs) 50g★


Directions for pastry/tart

  1. Take a bowl, put flour, butter and salt then wrapped with hand, and then add egg, need like dough until it become soft and smooth
  2. Put 1 into the pastry cup, and then bake in the oven with 170 degree, 12 minutes


Directions for Tofu fritters

  1. Mix together corn flower, Japanese spicy condiments and water
  2. Put panko onto cut tofu, well put then deep fly, and keep it a side



  1. Take a bowl, put chopped spring onion, red chili, tomato and cucumber, puff rice, all mixed well and keep it aside
  2. Take another bowl, mix plum paste, brown sugar, lemon juice, Japanese spicy condiments, and water, make them thick and marinated
  3. Put all another bowl into 1st bowl, then mix all nicely then taste add salt if required
  4. Fill the pastry/tart with 3
  5. Put Tofu fritters and Sev (Indian namkeen) on the top


Miso tandoori pulled chicken on wasabi soya wafer

4, servings, 60 min. (marinate 8 hrs)

Indo Japan Food


Chicken 2 leg

Miso paste 50g★

Yogurt 100g

Ginger and garlic paste 20g

Chili powder 5g

Coriander powder 5g

Lemon juice 10ml

Salt to taste

Potato chips 10g


For wasabi wafer

Wasabi 25g★

Soya flower protein 50g★

Maida (refined flower) 50g

Butter 30g

Salt 2g

Sugar 5g


Directions for wasabi wafer

  1. Mix all ingredients in the dough mixer and mix well until soft and smooth
  2. Remove from mixer, need to be punched it on flat surface then make roll it with rolling pin. Thickness is just half inch height
  3. Then poke with folk and cut with cutter round (diameter is 3inch) , cool it



  1. Take chicken leg and wash them and dry with towel, apply salt and keep it aside in a bowl
  2. Take another bowl then put miso paste, yogurt, ginger and garlic, chili powder, coriander powder, lemon juice and mix them
  3. Marinate with chicken for 8 hours
  4. After marination complete, put it in the tandoor let it cook 20 minutes (If you don’t have tandoor, please use Moderate oven 180 degree, 25 minute)
  5. Once chicken cold, shredder from bone then put into the bowl, check for seasoning, salt, serve it wasabi wafer, at last put potato chips onto it

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