Book Reading session with Mr.Nidhi Dalmia, author of “Harp”



Nidhi Dalmia

The author of Harp, Nidhi Dalmia reads his book for the first time to the audience



“…there are so many books left to read. For that reason alone it is worth going on living. Books make me happy, they help me escape from reality.”



Reading is a therapy and what better than an author reading his book for the first time to the audience. Mr. Nidhi Dalmia, poured his heart out while reading from his first novel at Oxford book store in New Delhi.


The event started with the host introducing us to Mr. Dalmia and Mr. SunitTandon, former Director General of IIMC. Mr. Dalmia,shared his travel experiences and anecdotes of meeting people from various walks of life and authoring his first novel “Harp”.Listening about his journey from an industrialist to an author was enduring.

Nidhi Dalmia

The book reading session gave us insights into the story that HARP incorporates. By the look of it HARP seems to be moving book that talks about love, sacrifice and passion. A romanticfiction that transports you to the late sixties and to all the changes that took place in that era. Harp revolves around its three young characters; Ashok, Lauren and Aparna, their emotional voyages and how their lives intertwine with each other. The book also gives a description of socio- economic situation in India and abroad prevalent at the time. It has elements of the Dairy Industry and Business management however Mr. Dalmia’s writing makes them interesting for a layman.


Mr. Dalmia said “We all have stories to tell, I wanted to describe the hope and idealism of the 60’s that I and many others thought would never end, the coming of age and growing up in the late 60’s”


An Alumni of Oxford University, Harvard Business School and St. Stephens College Mr. Dalmia is a true academician who himself loves to read. At the launch event he very gracefully stated that he will soon be releasing his new book.

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