Indian food for business lunch really? Location Baluchi, The Lalit


For this Story I choose my destination to be Baluchi at The Lalit, New Delhi. But why this restaurant and that too Indian? Location is the key, the property is located in the heart of Delhi and no matter where your client is coming from, Connaught Place is always the centre point. The First Rule of any person suggesting you a place for a business meeting is not to choose an Indian Restaurant. Reason is it’s too messy, you have to use your hands and you might drop gravy on your shirt or something.

In 2007 I joined the corporate leasing world. I used to meet people over Dinners or lunches or coffee or drinks very frequently. Over the years I have read many articles mentioning how a proper business lunch should be conducted. When I was young my parents taught me not to talk while eating as a first lesson of mannerism, ironically when I grew up the most interesting conversations happened over meals only.



Well It’s our comfort food and any person end of the day loves Indian Food. Talking of Foreign clients, then they are the one who will prefer to explore a new cuisine than anything else. Eating with hands is not messy it’s our culture, people do eat Pizza with their hands and I see no one raised their eyebrows for that. If Japanese people can proudly eat their food as per their norms so can we.


Baluchi has introduced Thalis to their menu and It has made life more easier for the people coming for Business lunches as they provide you with 3 options. Economy Thali for the people not in the mood to have too many things , Rejuve Thali for the people who are health conscious and Gourmet Thali for the True foodies. The Menu is already Fixed in a thali, so you don’t have to waste time in deciding on what to eat or not. The Thalis comes in both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian options.


Baluchi is one of those places in Delhi where foodies go because of the food and not of the hype. Talking about the food the Gallori Paya soup was an amazing start. The soup stock had deep layers of flavours that plays with your taste buds. Salmon Tikka was the only the served and it was cooked to perfection. The Non Veg Thali came with a Mutton dish and a chicken dish. The Mutton Dish was Rarrah Gosht which was cooked with mildly but flavoured spices. It also comes with a Yellow Dal and Mili Juli Sabzi.


Over all the Thali tasted good keeping the balance in various aspects.

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