EYWA by Saby, Lodhi Road.

EYWA by Saby

Have you ever looked out for a perfect place to take your date or girlfriend or wife (maybe) to but the prices on the menu made you crawl back to a corner? Well, I have and I think most of the broke students out there will feel me. Well, EYWA by Saby is here to change that. Located in the elite Meherchand Market above Celeste Chocolates, this place fits every definition of the word BEAUTIFUL. From rusty wooden furniture to beautiful vintage crockery, everything screams (subtly) cosiness. Sunlight pouring from the windows only adds to the beauty of the place and for a moment I was reminded of the famous Cha Bar of Connaught Place only with a much better ambiance. I would have loved to see this place bathed in moonlight but unfortunately they close up at 6:30 which makes this thought of mine only a dream.

EYWA by SabyEYWA by Saby

The whole menu at EYWA by Saby 100% veg and everything is made in-house including breads and dips. We were there for a high-tea session and got to try some of their delicacies. We started off with some freshly baked cookies and baklava which were kept on the table on a majestic ceramic stand accompanied with a warm cup of coffee. Next we were served a portion of Bruschetta which was kind of sad with lack of toppings and dry bread. Their Margherita pizza however uplifted our mood right away though with its super crispy base, fresh cheese and marinara sauce. Never in my life have I ever seen such a thin and crispy base without getting soggy.

EYWA by Saby EYWA by Saby

Arrabiata Penne came next with some hits and misses, while the sauce couldn’t have been more perfect the pasta itself was a bit undercooked. We wrapped it all up with their Banana Waffles which were served with melted chocolate and maple syrup making us go home with a happy tummy!

EYWA by Saby

You can also grab some delish chocolates for your loved ones from Celesty Chocolates downstairs alongwith the cafe’s beautiful crockery which is also up for grabs showcased in corner shelves at the far end of the cafe.

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