The Orb, Radisson Blu Delhi Airport

The Orb
 Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, Mahipalpur is currently in lot of buzz with the launch of their all new Bar and Lounge, The Orb. Placed at the left side after the main entrance on the ground floor itself, can be easily located. The name ORB has come from the word Orbit and the designing of the bar is done completely on the basis of the same. It is a beautiful circular shaped bar decked up with all sorts of poison possible in the center, encircled with seating around. So that one can enjoy watching their drinks prepared by the expert bartenders infront of their eyes.
The Orb
 The top of the bar above is well decorated with nice white lighting giving a contrast to the whole ambiance which is dipped in blue color. Apart from this seating there are comfy lounges also laid down there so that one can enjoy while relaxing. Music playing in the background makes the aura even more spell bounding. There is Dj as well to play your favorite numbers.
The Orb The Orb
The Orb
 When we are talking about bar then drinks are the first thing which comes to our mind, so surely here the Orb offers a huge variety of cocktails, mocktails and straight drinks as well along with some finger licking finger food as well. Khopdi, Chamba booti, Masala T- Knee, Orb Mary and Chillis Chocolate Bunny are their worth recommending signature cocktails. In mocktails, Alphonse, Mint Mojito and In search of paradise are really good and worth trying. Apart from the drinks the food they offer are also quite relishing namely what we tried were Orb Special Pizza, Sushi Maki veg and non veg both, Prawn tempura, Mushroom, tomato and Jalapeño Quesadillas, Chicken and chive Dumplings and Coondapuri Machhi.
 If you are at the Orb then you must try them all. Overall a nice swanky place to chill with your friends with some drinks and sumptuous food.

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