Masterclass with Masterchef Dinesh Patel at Radisson Blu, Agra

Radisson Blu Agra

Radisson Blu is one of the world’s leading hotel brands which needs no introduction at all. It sounded really exciting to us attending and witnessing a culinary escapade with Master Chef India Season 5 top 3 finalist, Dinesh Patel at Radisson Blu, Agra. It was in the form of a masterclass where he would be showcasing his culinary expertise with us.


Radisson Blu Hotel, Agra is a beautiful luxury property that oozes a timeless elegance which is bound to mesmerize anyone. With an unmatched service the Hotel is an outstanding example of romantic elegance, comfort, luxury combined with the latest 21st century technology.

Radisson Blu Agra

Mr. Paritosh Ladhani, Executive Director, Radisson Blu, Agra started the event with the welcoming speech. About Mr. Ladhani we can say that with powerful strides in the hospitality domain he has brought the property to greater heights. The result of which is the flourishing hotel which has earned a lot of acclaim from from its guests and society.

Radisson Blu Agra

After the welcome done by Mr. Ladhani, the Masterchef India fame Dinesh Patel started his masterclass session with his introduction. Having law background indeed Dinesh followed his heart out for baking and made his debut in the biggest culinary show of India ‘MASTERCHEF INDIA Season 5’. Later he became one of the top three finalist in the show. He owns his own patisserie in London and is also known as the ‘Dessert King’.


Radisson Blu Agra

Agra being famous for primarily two things, one ofcourse the majestic and magnificent ‘Taj Mahal’ and secondly for delectable ‘Petha’. So taking a leaf from here Dinesh Patel created a sweet and savoury salad in his masterclass as first dish, to which he named ‘Agra Petha savoury salad ‘. It came out as a really nice melange of sweet and savoury flavours. Incorporating Chicken, Petha, Onions, lemon and Cucumber in French dressing turned the salad very sumptuous and stood out as complete winner by everyone.

Second dish was a very famous Indian dessert ‘Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding ‘. It was quite innovative in its own way. Giving the old school Shahi Tukra a modern English twist, Dinesh did it perfectly. He experimented Shahi Tukra with Rabri Mousse and Strawberry compote and layered them down beautifully. Nice flavour of the hint of spices used like nutmeg, cardamom and Cinnamon were coming out from it. Overall it was an elegant ensemble of sweetness with an edge. Dinesh kept his demonstration interactive, highlighting the tips and inspiration for each of the dishes.

As a matter of fact, these two above mentioned innovation of Dinesh has not only been appreciated by the Hotel infact they have been added permanently in their regular a-la-carte menu as Dinesh Special Salad and dessert. After the quite informative, interesting and interactive live masterclass, there was a lavish lunch hosted by the Hotel followed by an one on one session with Dinesh Patel and Alka Ladhani, Executive Director, Radisson Blu, Agra. With a beautiful ambience at Radisson Blu, Agra and some appetizing food, this masterclass was truly a treat for every individual present there

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