Singaporean Cuisine Masterclass at Foodhall


Foodhall is your one stop destination for fresh produce, ready-to-eat dishes and some really exotic ingredients for your kitchen. From your regular Tandoori stuff to middle-eastern delicacies, salads-in-a-jar to indulgent desserts, they have got it all! Besides all this, from time to time, they keep organising Masterclasses of different global cuisines and a few days back I got to attend one such class on Singaporean Cuisine.


Chef Manit and Chef Rajesh prepared a total of three noodle based dishes for us. Both the chefs not only cooked well but were also well-versed with use of ingredients, significance of different flavours and the history of Singporean cuisine as well.

We started off with ‘Brown Rice Vermicelli with Vegetable Strips’ which involved use of some fresh winter vegetables cooked with tofu and soya beans giving the dish a high protein value and some exciting flavours.


Next on the list were ‘Stir Fried XO Noodles’ which took me by surprise with Black Fungus as a unique ingredient which I had never seen before being used in cooking. Stir fried with cabbage, baby corn and carrot and then mixed with soaked rice spaghetti and a powerful vegetarian XO sauce, this dish packed some really good flavours which will take you by surprise in your first bite.


The last dish on the menu was Brown Rice Spaghetti with Clams which had some humble ingredients like thyme & basil and also some exotic ingredients like white wine and clams. Clams provided a unique sweetness to the dish and white wine amalgamated all different flavours together.


On the whole, Singaporean cuisine have some exciting combination of simple and complex flavours which are not to be missed in one’s lifetime and I am definitely gonna dig in some more such delicacies soon!

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