Lady Baga brings Goa to Delhi


Goa is one of the most favourite destinations amongst the travellers in India. People just love the beaches and the vibe there. Lady Baga from the Olive’s group is a new entrant opening in CP, Delhi to give you the same vibe here to some extent. We were invited for that launch here and had a fab time here.



Lady Baga

Following are the best of the reasons for you to visit Lady Baga and you will not miss Goa at all I can bet on it.


Beach View :-

The name can directly be related to the most popular Baga Beach of Goa. You can also see the view of the beach as soon as you enter Lady Baga. They have placed a number of projectors showing the picturesque beaches of Goa on one side of the wall. The surf boats, Octopus and Star fish are also here to make it complete. One cannot ask for more now.



Sound of water :-

We may not ask for more but they definitely did not miss the sound of water on the beach. The fountain welcomes you with open arms and goes perfectly with the ambience here.


Lady Baga

Vibrant colors :-

The colorful vibrant interiors are just like the perfect icing Lady Baga needed. The ambience has a lot a character and it imports the vibe directly to this part of the world. Really a superb job done by the team.


Lady Baga

The Hammock at the terrace :-

The shack look with a Hammock is also here. They have a small terrace but they have used it the best they could. It also provides a breathtaking view of Connaught Place too. The sand on the floor is another add on.



The Food and The Bar :-

The food is curated with a lot of passion and so are the cocktails. The Mixologists have done a great job with the Mocktails too. The food menu offers a plethora of Goan dishes and a few Konkan delites as well. Anda Funda, Sober Shrimp Cocktail, Prawn Lonche and Goan on Pot (Chorizo Biryani) were the highlights for us. Acid Test and Bloody Mariana were the best from the Bar. Sticky fingers (Toffee Pudding) worked as a perfect ending to the culinary journey at Lady Baga. Will be visiting soon for the detailed food review. Good Luck to the team.

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