Top 10 recommended Restaurants of 2016 by Team Hmm!

Among the list there is no competition  as they all are from different categories. The list does not include restaurants which were launched in December 2016. If you have not visited these places, you are surely missing something Big.
La Piazza

La Piazza

• La piazza, Hyatt Regency (Best Italian) :- The restaurant is an institute for Italian Food since ages. People who come to this place already have a set menu in their mind. To break the monotony Chef Alessandro Sandrolini did something brave by introducing a new Menu which was brilliantly executes. The Restaurant also appointed  Pizzaiolo Ciro Sorrentino for taking their pizzas to another level.
Farzi Cafe

Mily way at Farzi cafe

• Farzi Café, Cp (Most Searched Restaurant on all our platform) :- Farzi is one of the most successful venture of Zorawar Kalra. The restaurant has multiplied in India and has marked it’s presence in Middle East as well. The food is mind blowing and it has taken Cafés in Cp to another level. The café is scene has never been the same since Farzi was launched in Cannaught Place.
Dilli 32

Dilli 32


• Delhi 32 (Best Regional Food in star Rated hotels) – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel . Executive Chef – Rohit Tokhi & Chef de Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh have brought authentic flavors of Awadh to the table. They ran a yearlong food festival that covered food of GT road and every Destination food was nicely put up specially Banarasi Food festival.
ek bar
• Ek Bar (Best Progressive Indian Food) – Ek Bar is the dream project of Chef Sujan. He has not left any stone unturned for this venture. The adaption of European cooking techniques with the blend of Flavors from all over India is an Amazing experience.
The _Grill_Room


• The Grill Room (Best Relaunch) – The Grill room is not meant for the masses and served to  very loyal dinners . Keshav Suri has gone an extra mile and got the Michelin Star Chefs to add signature dishes to their menu which are outstanding.


• Sandy’s cocktail bar and Kitchen – Sandeep Verma or Sandy as he is known to people is a Legend when it comes to Mixology in India. He is one of the pioneers who have revolutionized the Industry. The cocktails are good but don’t worry about the food, it’s also stupendous.



Kitchen District

• Kitchen District (Best Buffet) – The huge capacity seated Restaurant that serves several cuisines from Indian to Oriental (it includes Japanese too) , Italian and so on. The Ala carte menu food is spectacular and they serve the best South Indian Food in a buffet format in any 5 star property in Delhi Ncr.
• On the Waterfront (Best Ambiance) – There is no bad location when it comes to On The waterfront. This is a place you would love to take your Girlfriend on a special date. The First Floor has a spectacular Dimsum studio as well.
• Jungli Billee (Best Regional standalone) – There is not place in Delhi that can challenge this place for Parsi and Mumbai food. The food is consistent each time and place is a chic café which is also a shop for girls.
• Imly (Best Economical place) – The place has impressed food critics and consumers. It also doesn’t put a hole in your pocket and serves flavorful meal.
Here is the Video
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpYm4AOda4M]


Here is the list of 2015


Top 10 Restaurants 2015 by Team Hmm!

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