5 Reasons Why Dangal is a Must Watch Movie



Movie of the year Dangal is pure gold…
Team HMM Life was invited for a special screening of the most awaited movie of the year – Dangal at Grand Cinemas, Raheja Mall, Gurgaon.
The movie is worth every penny as it inspires you, fills your heart with patriotism and gives you a slice of life.
Plus the grand yet cozy settings of the Gurgaon’s most buzzing theater Grand Cinemas gives one a wholesome experience. Impeccable hospitality, comfortable reclining seats and delicious movie muchies deserves a heads up!


Team HMM Life lists down 5 reasons of why Dangal is a must watch movie for the true Cinema lovers :-
1. Aamir Khan looks realistic and undergoes most epic body transformation :–  Aamir Khan as they rightly call him Mr. Perfectionist convinces and inspires us as Mahaveer Singh Phogat. Unlike other super stars who are skeptic about potraying a  non glamourous avtar in a movie,Aamir Khan goes into the skin of the character completely. He plays both younger and older Mahaveer Phogat. He gained 28 kilos to play the role of an old man with a paunch. Then he reduced his weight to look athletic, muscular, and broad shouldered wrestler in order to depict young Mahaveer. He looks authentic and honest with his looks, dialogue delivery and emotions. Khan has always been the king we must say.
2. A biopic in real sense :- Bollywood has this habit of commercialising the biopics and adding in it pinch of glamour and romance. Dangal according to us is the most original,raw and straight from the heart kind of biopic. It shows the real struggle of Mahaveer Phogat and his daughters Geeta & Babita. They were ridiculed,questioned and denied opportunities but their sweat,blood and hard work work made them champions.
3. Content is the king :- A film is as good as its script.The storyline is simple yet beautiful.The film gives a strong message that “Chorris” are no less rhan “Chorras”. It take you to ride full of different emotions but there is no melodrama involved. Be it humour, love, will power, determination, conviction, dissapointment,confrontation, failure or achievements. The land of Haryana where female foeticide and Khap panchayat still prevails,Geeta & Babita will be an inspiration for years to come.
4. Mitti ki khushboo :- A country where cricket is a religion,we need more such movies which connects us to our soil and our glorious past. It’s high time that we revive the golden days of Kushti back and connect our younget generations with the game.While tennis,golf and soccer are fancy, Kushti is truly Indian.And why not? Our wrestlers have made us proud in the international arena uncountable times.
5. The team truly casted characters and not just actors :- Actors bring their characters alive. Kudos to the actresses who played Geeta & Babita(both as kids & young wrestlers). The performances were real,full of convinction and dedication. There was definitely good amount of training and research to have such genuinity and finesse in the performances. Sakshi Tanwar again proves why Indian TV has loved her for years. She looks homely,simple yet dignified. Supporting cast justified their roles brilliantly.
The movie deserves a standing ovation and do not forget to carry a box of tissue papers-for the tears of joy and beautiful emotions potrayed on the silver screen.
BOX OFFICE pe ab to Dangal hokar rahega!!
Article by :- Somali Bajpai

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