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Up above the world so high…
Remember this old nursery rhyme and that old childhood desire to touch the sky.Well, Vibe,The Sky bar does exactly the same.Luxuriously perched above the hustle and bustle of the Gurgaon city,this extravagant bar has it all-mesmerizing, panoramic view of the city,invigorating cocktails and a splendid experience.Now no more fascination of Singapore and Thailand for sky scrapping bars and nightlife.Our very own Gurgaon proudly boasts of Delhi-NCR’s highest bar at 10th floor of Hilton Inn Gurgaon Baani Square.

The concept of sky bars is the new swag in the town.One can enjoy the sun soaked afternoons as well as dazzling starry nights;pleasant autumn breeze carassing the face as well as the feeling of getting high amidst the glittering citylights.

We were invited for a special sunday brunch which the Team Vibe named it as #highestbrunchinthetown to celebrate the first anniversary of the bar.As we entered the top floor, it was an aesthetically beautiful venue, magnificient view and mesmerizing aura.The glass walls,artificial grass over the wooden decks,comfortable seatings,interactive cooking stations and beautiful layout of the table made it a perfect brunch setup.


A lavish buffet was curated for the special sunday brunch.Our recommendations of the day are as follows-

1.Laksa Soup-This coconut curry soup will transport you to the local streets of Singapore.The perfect blend of sweet coconut milk,sour lemon grass, hot spices gives a kick to every corner of the pallet.The buffet offered only vegetarian version of the soup.We wonder how heavenly the non vegetarian soup would taste.

2.Homemade pasta section-The basil fettuccini with tomato sauce was our pick of the day.The tanginess of tomatoes and subtle sweet notes of basil herbs made a winning combination.The contrast in the flavors did the magic.Further,the infusion of parmesan cheese elevated the dish to perfection.

3.Fresh & greens-Sushis were the show stopper from this section.The buffet offered both vegetarian (pickled root vegetables and shitake maki) and non vegetarian (smoked salmon and cheese uramaki) versions.A traditional sushi lover might be skeptic about the taste as creaminess of cheese over powered the wasabi;nevertheless we loved that variation too.

4.Hot pot section-This was the man of the match for the day.All the base elements-tofu, mushrooms, potatoes, chicken, fish were dipped in flavorful,spicy broth and served in skewers,which tasted delicious.The prominent asian flavours was a was indeed a lip smacking.Can we also have a wholesome meal with the base elements served with a significant portion of broth?It would be a sumptous meal for sure.

5.Beverages-A bar is known for its invigorating cocktails and drinks for exhilating experience.This bar seves few interesting and innovative cocktails¬† that sets the mood high and infuses the right amount of energy.Twilight becomes the winner of the day for us.It had the right balance of whisky,sweet and sour flavours,making it a great cocktail.The dramatic usage of blue curaco over the dry bed of ice with green & blue hues makes it a treat for both eyes and tongue.Now what about the non-drinkers who never appreciated the bitter taste of cocktails and feel left out most of the time in the get togethers & parties.Well,the bubblegum cocktail & candiquiri are comparatively sweeter and can be recommended for beginners.The bubblegum cocktail with vodka as the base consists of infused bubblegum plus eggplant and added flavours.Candiquiri again,was made using candies as an element along with alcohol.Both these drinks took us down the memory lane and childhood nostalgia was not ready to leave.The bar also had an interesting mango pickle twist to classic mojito -Achari Mojito.It appeared as if the concept had come straight from mom’s kitchen.

6.Desserts-We were served with orange cream centered glazed doughnut and chocolate caramel-gajar halwa popsicle.The plating was really colourful and appealing.While the orange bruleed cream did not play along with doughnut well for us,it was the latter which made our day.The interesting fusion of our traditional gajar halwa and chocolate caramel in the shapes of a popsicle was to die for.

Special surprise-
The cookie shot to be gupled at one stroke was a visual treat and a sweet surprise for all of us.

While the venue looks quiet playful and fun filled during the day,we can only imagine how fascinating and romantic it would look during the evenings with hanging mood lights,the sunset aura & cool breeze.Vibe:The Sky bar is here to stay.The sky is the limit for them.

Guest Author

Somali Bajpai

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