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10 points on How to spot Fake Makeup Product

“Make up is the self confidence applied directly to the face”.  Well this is indeed a very true fact and all the pretty girls and women would definitely agree to it. Make up is something which enhances the real beauty of a lady. It brings out the highlights of the features of one’s face.

Make up surely boosts up the overall persona of everyone but the wrong selection of it may affect adversely as well. In today’s world with the presence of the real good original cosmetics there are a number of fake and faux cosmetics also available in the market as well. At times it actually becomes difficult to recognize among the original and the fake one.
These fake high end products not only cheat the customers but also damages them  physically too. Many cases have been seen where the local duplicate copies of these branded cosmetics have caused serious skin infections and severe other problems as well because of their usage. So here we have listed down few of the precautions or points which will make you understand how to  detect the make up before u purchase them.

1-  If buying cosmetics online then always go through the website of the brand whose cosmetic you are going to purchase from. The website holds each and every minute detail about their products, manufacturer and retail stores etc.

2- If not buying online,  then never go for purchasing those branded make up from any non authorized retailer. On the contrary always opt for purchasing it from the direct outlet/store of that particular brand near by. All the details about the stores can be collected from the particular website of that brand.

3- Understand the discount margin. We all love high end or good quality products but then that is also true that every good thing comes with a cost. In order to have these branded cosmetics in our make up haul we tend to purchase them when they are in discount. But this is to remember that any of these high end cosmetics never give their products on an extremely low discounted rates at all, say for example 80% discount.  Their discounts are of a standard rate, unlike the fake dealers of these cosmetics who sell them at dirt cheap prices. So this is definitely to be kept in mind.

4- Before purchasing any product always try their testers first. All good brands provide testers to their stores for the ease of their customers to make their decision easy.  Duplicate copies of these wouldn’t have the testers.

5- See and observe the packaging of the product. The counterfeit of the original brands tries to imitate the whole look of the product as it is very closely but still Original is Original. One can easily compare it from the display of the packaging given in the website of the brand to make out the difference easily.
For example – Mac lipstick.
The name of the lipstick is printed on it in case of original one but  its counterfeit carries only sticker.

6- Always ask for a quality certificate before purchasing the branded make up. All good companies carries the quality certificate of the their brand with them which obviously the fake ones won’t have anyways.

7- Compare the minute details like font of the logo, smell of the product,  size and color of the packaging, weight, look and feel of the product etc. Like in case of Mac lipstick the actual original Mac lipstick will have thin font of Mac printed on it whereas the ones which are its duplicates are comparatively thicker and longer in size. The good and branded cosmetics are never heavily scented on the contrary they carry very mild and soothing fragrance. Even in case of the weight mentioned on the product of a fake one would never match the standard weight mentioned on the original product. It will vary for sure. The original product will always be heavy in comparison of its duplicate.

8- One smart way to distinguish between the fake and original cosmetics is to observe the serial number and the bar code numbers. The fake would never have the serial number on them that of the original brand. The original product will always have its first two or three digit of its country of its origin or listed matching in the bar codes for sure which its counterfeit would never have.

9- The additional product details are  always provided with different languages in case of original branded products whereas in case of fake ones very less product detailing is seen.

10- Well after all the above mentioned precautionary measures one can easily make out the real one. Whatever happens original remains original, quality always speaks for itself. A well branded lipstick will always provides a smooth swatch, mascara will never Crumble on application and eye shadow will never smear/smudge itself unless it is done.

So these were few simple points for you all to keep in mind before making your make up purchase.

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