Sushi Experience by Priyanka Singh

I don’t like Sushi, it is not my taste, this was a very common feedback we used to listen for Sushis a few years back in India. But recently the demand of Japanese Cuisine has been on a rise and all of sudden we have seen people trying Sushis more frequently. We have the same taste buds and we all still love Butter Chicken, then how come we are experiencing this change. This is a result of some brave moves which Restauranteurs have taken and allowed their passion to run the show. These restaurants served Japanese food at a little affordable price which enabled the handfull Sushi lovers to have Sushis more frequently. The count of Sushi lovers increased and this supported the passion of the Restauranteurs to serve authentic and fresh Sushis.


Moreover the authenticity was also maintained to a certain extent. We remember the day we tried our first Sushi. It was not at all palatable for us and we just couldn’t stand the norie. But now I know that this happened because the Sushi was not prepared in the right way. Then we had Sushi at Trident hotel the next time. We were just blown away by the amalgamation of wasabi with Rice, Norie, Caviar and smoked Salmon. They are still one of best we have expertised till date. After a few more successful encounters we went to Guppy by AI the other day. I must say these were simply the best our taste buds have been through.

This was how a person who didn’t like Sushi is now a Sushi lover and craves for it all the time. We have to just come out of our shell and should try these lovely culinary creations once at the right place. I assure you that you will definitely love them. They are low on calories and loaded with nutrient as well as they are not cooked at a high temperature. This is another reason to love this cuisine.



The best way of having Sushi is to dip it a little in the soy sauce and then eating it with a dash of Wasabi. Wasabi gives it a sharp taste and brings it a lot closer to the liking of your palate.

The history of Sushi also goes on a similar trait. The first Sushi was made in China and travelled to Japan from there. Japanese people used to make them in a very basic manner, like Nigiris and Hosomakis. They just used to make rolls of fermented rice with sea food. They added wasabi and Soy sauce as accompaniment with the Sushi. There were some more innovations that happened later. In USA they started making Sushis in their own style and according to their preferences, like addition of Salmon in the recipe. Uramaki and Makizushi styles are examples of the same. These styles of making Sushis are also very popular all over the world.


Know how to make Sushi from Master Chef Vaibhav Bhargava

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