Pizzaiolo Ciro Sorentino at La Piazza



Pizzaiolo Ciro Sorentino

Oscar Wildie once said “Non riesco a sopportare quelli che non prendono seriamente il cibo”.  Meaning, ‘ I can’t stand people who do not take food seriously “. Well Italians take their food very seriously and are very particular about it so does the “LA PIAZZA”  at Hyatt Regency Delhi. The name needs no introduction. They are the pioneer in the most authentic Italian cuisine in Delhi. They are the first one to introduce the authentic Italian flavours to the city in 1994 and from then to till now they stand high when it comes to serve the real authentic Italian food.
The city witnessed LA PIAZZA as its first typical casual Italian restaurant which is also known as trattoria style restaurant in Italy. Due to their high quality standards they have managed to maintain their legacy of serving the best Italian cuisine to its patrons.  This is the reason because of which the restaurant stands high as one of the most reputed and awarded one in the city.





LA PIAZZA has never compromised in the quality in order to give that authentic touch to their creations. Few of the facts which are to be known about LA PIAZZA are as follows :
They were the first ones to get their raw materials, ingredients and herbs imported exclusively to prepare the dishes.
Infact one of the very first users of the Renato oven in India for preparing their pizzas which renders a specific taste and runs on CNG.

Also they were the ones who introduced Tiramisu and Espresso for the  first time in India.
They were the first, to pair their food with some of the unique and fine wine from around the world. LA PIAZZA maintains an effective balance between the grape variety and the ingredients used in the restaurant’s dishes.

 The highly acclaimed and city’s most favorite restaurant has brought in a Pizzaiolo for the first time ever in India for their patrons. LA PIAZZA at Hyatt Regency Delhi has on-board with them Pizzaiolo, Ciro Sorrentino. Pizzaiolo is the one who has an expertise in pizza making. He is there to add on few extra feathers in the crown of the Hotel by sharing his culinary experiences.





 The hotel is having this Pizza promotion festival at LA PIAZZA which has started from 1st Nov and will be there till 15th Nov of 2016. Pizzaiolo, Ciro Sorrentino promises to offer a variety of pizzas for the pizza lovers to treat their taste buds. He is the third generation pizza maker in the family who started his career at an very early age of 13. Because of traveling to many places he has gathered experience of sixteen years which can clearly be seen in his pizza creation.
The pizza promotion has a special menu curated especially by the Chef Ciro Sorrentino which includes an array of different exclusive pizzas having veg and non veg both varieties. Star pizza, Fried pizza and dessert pizza are few of the unique creations of the pizza promotion. Napoletana style of pizzas are sure to allure you.

Our recommendations are :

Cinque Stagioni & Fritta in non veg pizza.
Funghi, Fresca & Saracena in veg pizza.

So don’t make yourself regret by loosing the opportunity to relish these scrumptious pizzas by an expert Pizzaiolo, Ciro Sorrentino head to LA PIAZZA, Hyatt Regency Delhi straight away.

Pizza promotion festival ends by 15 Nov.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect or Hmm! 

Article and Pictures by Priyanka Singh

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