Best Chole Bhature in Delhi compiled by Team Hmm!


Chole Bhature is the one of the most loved dishes in India, majorly North India. The dish originated in India and is highly popular in Delhi and Punjab.
The combination of spicy white chick peas and Bhature can lure anybody to unfollow their diet plans. I are pretty sure that this must have happened at least 10 times with all of us. But we all must also agree that we all want it to be a great one all time. At least it should be worth the calorie intake. It is very heart breaking for me if the Chole Bhature turns out be a very average one.
So we take this responsibility and would like to share a list of these places which do some mind blowing Chole Bhature. ( not in any ranking order )

1-CholeBhature corner, Kailash Colony

These are the best Chole Bhature in South Delhi. I know a lot of people may say that Nagpal at Lajpat Nagar are better, but as per our last experience, it’s is no more that good. So, if you are in South Delhi and want to have some great Chole Bhature, just head to Chole Bhature Corner.

2-Nagpal, Ashok Vihar

Nagpal at Ashok Vihar has been serving since ages. The Chole here definitely has uniqueflavour and is spicedĀ  to perfection.

3-Radha Krishna Chole Bhature, Jagriti Enclave

This is one legendary place and a little controversial as well. We have two Radhey Krishna and one Radha Krishna in one km of radius only. But the one at the Jagriti Enclave is owned by the real owners. They serve their Chole Bhature with Pickled Amla, onions and Pickled Green Chilly. It is a must visit if you are in East Delhi.

4-Sitaram Diwan Chand, Pahad Ganj

This is one the most popular places for Chole Bhature in Delhi. It definitely lives upto the hype. The Imly ki Chutney and Paneer Stuffed Bhature along with the Chole work as killer combination.

5 -Nand di Hatti, Sadar Bazaar

This is another place which will live upto to the hype. The crowd surrounding them is a proof of the same.


6 -Mashoor CholeBhature Lassi Vala

As the name says, they deserve to be mushoor totally. Their Lassi is also a must have

7-Chache di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Chache di Hatti is a very very popular place amongst the students. They will not disappoint you at all. Beware, you may end up having two plates!!

8- Prem di Hatti, Rajouri Garden

Prem di Hatti is our pick from West Delhi. The Imly ki Chutney and pickle work as perfect accompaniment to the Chole Bhature they serve.

9 – Embassy, Cannaught Place

If you are in Cannaught Place then Embassy is the place to satisfy your craving for Chole Bhature. We assure you, they are worth the calories they come along.

10 – Grover Sweets, Moti Nagar

This is our second pick in West Delhi and is equally good to all the places we have listed out here. A must visit place.

11- Haldiram’s, Various Locations

Haldiram’s Chole Bhature have always been at their best. The Pickled Green Chilly and Fried potatoes add to the lip smacking combination.

Article by Prashant Singh



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