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Its always a women’s Fault

Its 2016 and seeing the post of this guy it seems we are back in Dark Ages. In a country were a women is blamed for her own Rape, this will not shock many. Many people would also encourage such kind of moral policing. But this person must be blind by his eye and mentality. What the did the Girl do wrong in the whole scene !


Let’s translate what this person wrote on his Facebook page. He is ashamed of the parents of the girl who have not taught dignity to their daughter. Then they say girls are not safe and if such things happen the girls won’t be safe in Delhi.


Dude I think your parents should be ashamed of you. We have seen the video and its none of your business what other person is doing on a Public transport. You lack Maturity to live in a metro city like Delhi and maybe this is a cultural shock. There is a guy in the video as well and you just pointed out the Girl. People with mentality like yours are the one who do crime against women. They think it’s the fault the girl only.


How can possibly a girl in Delhi feel safe till the people with your mentality are freely roaming around. You should go and watch pink and learn a thing about Respecting Women.

Smoking , being friendly or cheerful is not an invite by any women for a crime against women.


Also before posting such things you should remember that you can be booked under IPC 354C.  You can land up in jail for minimum of 1 year.  Moreover it is prohibited to use camera in metro, hence you Ave committed another crime by doing this so called social work of yours. I hope you face the consequences of these as well.



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