Benaras Food Festival at Dilli 32, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

When we talk about “BENARAS”, the first thing which comes to our mind is the holiness and sacredness of the city. This pious city is settled on the banks of the river GANGES in UP.  It has been a culture centre of North India for several thousands of years. Benaras is known worldwide for its 80 Ghats and Silk fabric creation.






The city gives us a very diverse feeling.  On one hand we can see people coming to visit the temples and attend the Arti at the river bank of Ganges while on the other hand they also come here for their last journey. They believe that by doing this they will get Moksha as the cremation happens on the backs of Sacred and Holy Ganges.


“BENARAS” is the third pit stop of the Grand Trunk Road journey which Dilli 32, of The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. The Hotel has organized “BENARAS FOOD FESTIVAL”  which has started from 14th Oct and will be there till 29th of Oct 2016. The Hotel has created a special set up in the open area which has key elements giving feel of Benaras.


The Benarasi culture also beholds a lot of gluttonous attractions. The city which has deep roots to the religion and spirituality, the food of the city holds its value from the past as well. Chef Ashwani, Chef de Cuisine of The Hotel has tried to bring few of the selected highlights from Benaras to the kitchen of Dilli 32 restaurant. He travelled and gathered these delicacies so that we can savour the flavours of Benaras without travelling miles. Benarasi food epitomizes the richly diverse food culture of eastern U.P.

 To begin with the breakfast diaries includes Kachori Bhaaji, piping hot Jalebi’s and flavoured milk etc. Chef has replicated these scrumptious traditional belongings of Benaras in the best way possible in the Food festival.  There are a lot of popular street food as well primarily consisting of the Chaats and Samosas.  Tamatar ki chaat is one such speciality which is found only in this region and is loved by everyone.  It is a unique tangy preparation of tomatoes cooked with spices and aromats.


Since Bihar is nearby to the city, it has its influence as well on the food. The non veg dishes have been inspired by Awadhi and Bihari cuisines majorly. That is why Batti Chokha is one such thing which can be seen immensely in Benaras. Vegetarians savour it with Chokha and chutneys whereas the Non Veg lovers relish it with mutton curry. It is very much liked by everyone there and must say Chef has left no stone unturned in order to bring that essence in the food  Festival.

In the sweet offerings MUDGAL, is  one such an outstanding Benarasi stuff which stood out as best in comparison to the other desserts served in the Festival. It is a mouth melting dessert made up of urad Dal, Ghee and sugar.

Price :- Rs 1632/- ++

Timings :- 7:00 pm Onwards

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