Navratra Menu at Tamra, Shangri La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Navratra Menu at Tamra
Navratra Thaali


Navratras are undoubtedly the most auspicious days  in the Hindu Calender. There is a lot of celebration that is intermingled with them where Ramlila and Durga Puja Pandals play a very significant role. These days were actually meant for fasting, but in the recent era they are more known for a different variety of food available around. The Chefs at different Restaurants and Cafes try their hand with no onion and no garlic. There are a number of Thalis and Platters available, but there are a few Restaurants like Tamra at Shangri La’s  – Eros Hotel which focus on the health benefits as well. A lot of places, rather most of the places just don’t think on this aspect.


Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi has curated another masterpiece from his culinary excellence. The food here has always overwhelmed us and the Navratra Menu at Tamra is also on the same lines. Passion could be sensed through his words.


Navratra Menu at Tamra

Interior Tamra , Shangri La’s – Eros Hotel

1 Do you keep the calorie content in mind while designing the Navratra menu ?

 When designing a  menu, we definitely do keep a calorie count in mind. We try to ensure that the food is not too fried and try to avoid as many carbs as possible. While we carefully monitor the calorie value in our food, we ensure that the taste and quality of our dishes are not compromised.

2  What are the health benefits of the Navratra menu?

The are a few key health benefits of the Navratra menu at Tamra, as this menu contains dishes that have a low calorie count and high levels of proteins. We carefully ensure that the dishes prepared in our Navratra menu are cooked in less oil and aim to offer lesser options in carbs.

Navratra Menu at Tamra

Thaali, Navratra Menu at Tamra


 3 What do you think is the most essential part of your Navratra menu?

Our Navratra Menu at Tamra is very unique. In addition to the Navratra Thali, we at Tamra have showcased our Navratra options at the live cooking stations and counters set up at the restaurant. This helps our guests enjoy a variety of meal options during Navratras.

4 Did the limitation of no onion and no garlic preparation bother your creativity or did it help you think of something out of the box?

Cooking without onions and garlic does not bother or cause any hindrance in terms of creativity. In Indian culture, people have been cooking like this for centuries. So it is definitely not a new concept for us. Infact, it motivates us to present and create new and innovative dishes with which one cannot tell the difference of whether it is prepared without onion and garlic.

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