TGFWC first Wine Social in association with Big Banyan Wines

Big Banyan Wines
Big Banyan Wines at TGFWC first wine social

The wine connoisseur’s of Goa witnessed the very first event of The Goa Food And Wine Club ( TGFWC), a Premium Wine 5 Course Meal Dinner in association with Big Banyan Wines and Bay 15 Dona Paula.
The Curator and Founder of TGFWC, Mrs. Deeksha Borkar, an ardent wine lover was the host for the evening. Deeksha holds a Graduate Diploma in Oenology, Science of Wine Making from the prestigious Curtin University of Technology in Margret River, Australia, and also a Level 3, and Wine Educator from the renowned Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WEST) UK.

Big Banyan Wines


The evening kick started with Big Banyan Wines offering Rossa Rosa wine with Jalapeños stuffed crumb fried garlic butter mushrooms in a pepper emulsion Hors d’ oeuvre. Rossa Rosa a light bodied wine with just the right acidity, was perfect with the crunchy mushrooms.
The Fennel and garlic infused seafood soup with a saffron rouille and cheddar crostini paired with delicate straw gold coloured crisp fruity, crunchy butterscotch sweet Chardonnay. The wine paired so we’ll was like a match made in heaven, and all definitely wanted to gulp down a few more glasses. Moving on to the Salad, which was a Crab, avocado and mango salad with a chilli lime vinaigrette paired along the light straw gold citrus delicate sour flavoured Sauvignon Blanc, which left a smooth finish as it sailed down. A highly recommended wine for those who go green with their palate. After the three sumptuous courses we had to take a Intermezzo which again was well taken care off by serving Peach and Basil Granita. The sharp after flavours of basil and coldness of ice clent our palates before we could move to our Maincourse and shift to our red’s. Maincourse spiced orange and rosemary roast chicken with creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables were paired with soft, Merlot which was a friendly, fun, quintessential red for every nouveau connoisseur. The velvety tannins of the wine made it dry and the medium bodied wine was easy on our palate and even on our mood. The dinner came which ended on a sweet note of vanilla bean panacotta served with a pineapple and mint salsa was served with Bellissima the late harvest Muscat Dessert wine. It had a brilliant shade of yellow with hues of amber. The out of my mind pineapple and mint salsa a perfect blend of sour and spice, the crunchy pepper corns was a fab match with panacotta a must try. The wine though was too sweet for my palate.

Big Banyan Wines

Esteemed Guests

The dinner was a well balanced combination of ingredients that paired well with the wine with all possible ways.
Deeksha’s efforts in paring the food and wine was noticeable in all the dishes that were served, she explained each an every aspect,of how a grape variety is chosen for a particular wine, how the climatical conditions of the region, the soil the temperature affects the process of wine making and how a perfect bottle of wine is made. She even explained the wine etiquette keeping in mind the cross cultural sensitivity in India or while visiting Abroad. The nitty- gritty’s of How to impress with Wine was the show steeler for all.
Abhijit Surlakar, the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Big Banyan Wines, explained us how the various varieties of  grapes are brought from Nasik and the wine is produced in Goa itself, being the only one company who produces good quality wine in Goa. Thus inviting all the members to the vineyard.
I could definitely see a spark in each and every esteemed guests, who all came from different professional backgrounds, A group of Lawyer’s  A Dr. A Mayor, A Makeup Artist A Food Stylist,   as the fun evening came to an end with a promise of seeing each other.

 Article By Shraddha Shrinivas Khalap

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