CARAWAY at The Grand| New Delhi

CARAWAY, is an Indian speciality restaurant of The Grand New Delhi, Vasant kunj and is known for serving authentic Indian cuisine and flavours since more than a decade. Today where everyone is playing with the molecular gastronomy, this restaurant still stands tall in serving and maintaining the consistency of stirring the age old classics out of their pot.

The name of the restaurant actually stands for a very  renowned Indian spice “VILAYATI JEERA “. It has a very unique robust flavor and has very important place in Indian spices. They have a very classy and elegant ambiance which offers a sophisticated contemporary dining experience with a dramatic show kitchen. The three Tandoors take the center stage and the central semi circular Bar compliments the interiors. The marble table tops add a bling to the place. They have used spot lights as well to make sure that there is enough light on each and every table without making it a very bright place.


The major highlights of the restaurant are Kebabs and other Tandoor delicacies indeed. They are innovatively prepared in live Tandoors placed right in the center. They enhance the dining experience with the rich flavored aromas of this distinct North Indian style of cooking. The key to their success is cooking food following traditional methods. They don’t use any modern equipment to prepare their food. This is the most heartwarming fact about them.

We started our food journey here with a very very special preparation, Caraway Atta Chicken. It is their signature dish where the Chicken is cooked inside a thick Atta shell. The Chicken is marinated for hours which imparts a plethora of flavours to the dish whereas slow cooking on “Lagan” makes it super juicy as well. After that they cover it in an Atta shell and place it in the Tandoor. This gives the Chicken the rustic flavor and keeps it juicy as well. Definitely A superb job indeed.

The next dish was Caraway Raan, another speciality. The selection of spices used in the marination of this dish was fabulous and the meat was also very tender and juicy. Speaking about the preparation, this dish was also cooked in the same way as Atta Chicken, first marinated and then slow cooked on low flame.

  Angithi ka Murg also stood out brilliantly. The chicken was very soft and succulent, a typical Punjabi delicacy.

The finest Veg dishes they have in their menu are Veg Galauti and Teh pe Teh. For us Veg Galauti was the winner hands down. The Galautis have Raw Bananas, ‘Sooran’ and Potatoes as main ingredients. Undoubtedly one of the best I have had. Teh pe Teh was layers of cottage cheese with pistachio, cashew nuts and mint paste.


Dal Caraway, Butter Chicken and Bhune masale ka paneer proved as the fantastic mains we relished till the end of our last bite. Slow cooked black Dal had a very long lasting taste. The butter chicken was quite rich and fabulous in taste. Bhune masale ka paneer was having burst of flavours because of the use of many spices in the preparation. Subz Biryani was another marvellous creation from the kitchen, which was very aromatic and flavourful in taste.


Kesari rasmalai, Gulkand ke Jamun and Kesar kulfi are the heart winning desserts for sure. They will definitely tantalize your sweet tooth. Executive Chef Nilesh Dey and Sous Chef Pankaj Deshwal have teamed up amazingly and have definitely made a mark with the food at Caraway.

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