Rajasthani Food Festival at Glass House , Hilton Garden Inn

Glass House, the all-day dinning at Lobby level at Hilton is very well designed and spacious. They were serving Rajasthani food festival which got over on 20th September. The food had a combination of authentic as well as inspired food.

Rajasthani food has evolved over the years. If we look back in time, nearly 200 years back, there were no traces of any green vegetables in Rajasthan. The wild plants and Goat milk  were the main source of nutrition for them.

The non-veg was usually meant for the Rich and famous people of Rajasthan majorly Rajas & Maharajas. In their  palaces they used to have a separate kitchen to cook non veg food and only males were allowed to do that. Fish was not a part of the cuisine in this state earlier. It became an intergral part after the marriage of Princess Gayatri Devi from Bengal to the Royal family of Jaipur with Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II.

Our Royal meal started with Tamatar ka Shorba. I don’t like soups but this was generously flavored and was a treat to my tastebuds. Amongst the starters Vade ki Kalmi and Dahi ke Kebabs were the highlights. Vade ki Kalmi was an inspired preparation. A fusion of traditional recipe with modern cooking, highly recommended. Fish was the best of the non veg starters. The fish tasted divine as it was infused with Rajasthani flavours along with mustard seeds.

The most looked for dish was the Ker Sangri Curry. It was nicely made and had the rustic flavors of the desert. The other must haves from the buffet were Gatte ki Sabzi, Gawar ki Pahlli and Dal Pachranga. We could feel that all the dishes were made to perfection which is commendable. A Rajasthani meal cannot be complete without The Dal Bati Churma. It was presented with 3 kinds of Churmas, Besan, Atta and Gulab. The gulab one was our favourite. In the non veg dishes Kali Mirch Murg and Safed Maas were our choices. There were three kinds of Baatis as well, Plain, Masala and Mava. Safed Maas was nicely prepared and every imgredient in the dish was added keeping in mind that it won’t add any color to the gravy.

In the Desserts, Beetroot Halwa and Shimla Mirch ka halwa were the best. The Beetroot ka halva was a deadly amalgamation of sourness of Beetroot, Mava and sugar. So was the Shimla Mirch ka Halva. The chef made sure that there is no bitterness of Shimla Mirch in the Halva, superb job indeed. They also have Balu Shahi and Moong Dal Halva along with a range continental Desserts.


This festival has ended with a great success and we are looking for more such Initiatives from Glass House

Glass House
Address: Baani Square, Pocket C, Sector 50, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
Phone: 0124 442 0000

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