Dirty Secrets of Restaurants

Dirty Secrets of Restaurants

I have been a foodie all my life. When I got into blogging it was then I got into the When and How of food. The following details have been provided by a  chef of a 5 star hotel who we can’t name as he/she wants to stay anonymous. lets see what Dirty Secrets he unfolded

1. Whip Cream used in Bakeries

We all love cakes and they are an important part of our celebrations. The secret here is that nearly all Bakeries use a no milk fat cream to make their Vanilla Base flavour cakes for example Pineapple and Fruit Cake. These creams are made of Vegetable fats. So, this cream is not a milk product at all.

2. Whole Wheat Pizza Base and Other dishes.

Here the name “Whole Wheat” directly says that the particular dish is not made of Refined Flour (Maida). But the surprise here is that there is hardly 20% to 30% of Wheat Flour and rest all is Refined Flour only. Please note it that The Whole Wheat Pizza Base is also not that healthy.

3. Brown Bread.

We always thought that Brown Bread is healthy. But it is a Myth. If you read the ingredients of a Brown Bread, you will notice caramel color in the ingredients. This is the color which gives the Brown color to the bread, no fibre. This makes it clear that Brown Bread is equally unhealthy. If you really want to have a healthy bread as for extra fibre bread. It is a little better than the others. Similar is the case with whole wheat dimsums these days.

4. Ice used in the restaurants.

There are a lot of Restaurants who outsource their ice. You can imagine what kind of ice they use. So be careful with them as you cannot be sure about the quality of the water they use for the ice.

5. Reuse of Garnish.

This is another practice that won’t be appreciated by anyone. A lot of Restaurants reuse the Garnish they make for their food and the Cocktails. A very unhygienic practice but it prevails. But their are a few Bars and Kitchen who don’t follow this practice.

6. Use of MSG in food.

MSG is some thing which is not suitable for Kids and Pregnant ladies. So please ask the restaurants while ordering. It is not in particular that only Chinese restaurants use it. They are also very frequently used by others also. So be careful.

7. Use of same oil  for vegetarian and Non vegetarian food

Lot of cafes uses only one pot for all their frying needs. They don’t have a separate fryer like Mcdoanld’s has in India for vegetarian food and Non vegetarian food.

8. I did not liked this dish

If you did not liked the dish. Never send it back to the kitchen. As the dish arrives in kitchen most of the staff taste it using a common spoon and just  redo the same dish. You should probably ask for a another dish if that is possible

9. Air conditioned Restaurant and Kitchen ? 

Most of the kitchens if its not a MNC are not air conditioned. We Indians tend to sweat a lot and rest we leave everything to your imagination.

10.   Home Delivery

The plastic packaging used by Most  Restaurants are  non food grade. They tend to leave chemicals when applied with hot food. Have you seen a wise guy bringing his stainless steel container for getting the gravy.

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