Black Dog Sparkling water presents Easy Evenings with Sorabh Pant

Black Dog Sparkling water presents Easy evening with Sorabh Pant. He is one of the top standup comedians in India. He is also the co – founder of East India Comedy. Being a standup comedian is not an easy job and it requires lot of skills. Among those skill is fast thinking , there might be places where one thing is funny and another where its take in an offensive way . The key is on the spot improvisation.

There is a difference between seeing a Standup act on Tv or YouTube and seeing it live. You get to be the part of the nasty jokes and be a part of the show. The show which Sorabh performed at Raasta had elements from Delhi and people living in it.

Here are the few youtube video of Sorabh you must see



Q & A with Sorabh Pant

1 – One place in India you like to perform?

 I like to do a show in places which did not had standup before, like Raipur, Jamshedpur, Udaipur and all the pur.

2 – One experience during the show you will never forget?

In 2009 we did a show in Udaipur and the show was not going well as no one was laughing. There was one old lady laughing and I thought “ kya yaar , I am amazing. Even old people like me “. After the show I went to the lady and said thank you Aunty because of you the show went off well. She looked at me and said “ muje English nahi ati” I asked her “ ki ap kis cheese pe has rehe the “. She said “ Tumhara chera hi itna funny hai

3 – One thing you would love to eat if you don’t get FAT

galouti kebab

4 – If you stuck in a hostage situation, what will you do ?

I will kill the terrorist with my Shitty jokes

5 – Which Comedians Inspire you?

Brian Regan & Jon Stewart


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