Chef Tarathip at OTW (On The Waterfront)

On The Waterfront has been known as one of the most romantic places to dine in Delhi for a long long time. The water body attached to the Dine in area gives a divine feel. So if you want to woo your better half and have a nice romantic evening, On The Waterfront is the place to be. They serve European, Italian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine here. The food has always been popular as well and has complemented their interior all the time. They have introduced an all new Thai menu now.

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The menu has been created by Chef Tarathip. She has been invited for the same by The Lodhi team to curate this special menu specially from Thailand. Thai cuisine has been my favourite cuisine and I was very excited to experience this menu as soon as I got to know about it. So, today we were here to relish ourĀ  favourite cuisine.

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Starters We were served Tom Kha and Tom Yum Soups. Tom Kha Soup exactly the way I like where as the Tom Yum Soup was a little less spicy then what we usually have in Delhi. So I concerntrated on Tom Kha and enjoyed it totally. We were served Thod man goong (Thai Fried Shrimp Cake with Sweet Chilly sauce), Yam Som O (Pomelo salad), Sashimi Salmon Salad and Phad Prik Phao Tao Hoo (Tofu, Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom I homemade Chilly Paste sauce). The Shrimp cake was very nicely done. The flavours were perfectly balanced the Shrimp cake were fried to perfection as well. The Pomello salad was absolutely bang on. Sashimi Salmon Salad was the highlight of the starters. The Sashimi Salmon was very very fresh and just couldn’t be better.


Phad Phrik Phao Tao hoo was also very well done and The Silicone Tofu was so soft was fresh that it was enjoyed by everyone. Basically all the dishes were flawless. They were balanced in flavours and were delicious. None of dishes had overpowering flavour of Lemon grass or Kaffir Lime. Main Course Pla Rad Prik (Fried tilapia fish, Thai Chilly, Fresh Basil, Fish sauce), Panang gai (Chicken thigh, Pea Aubergine, Kaffir Lime, Fresh Basil in Panang Curry), Lamb Massaman Curry and Veg Thai Green Curry were served as a Main Course along with Veg Phad Thai and Sticky Rice. Rad Prik was the best of the lot.

The blast of flavours from the sauce was a treat to the taste buds. The Pnanag Curry was a little different from what we get generally in Delhi. It was low on sweetness and adequately flavoured. The Lamb Massaman Curry was absolutely delightful. Phad Thai was also very well made. For the Desserts we were served Tubtim Grob (Water Chestnut Dumpling with sweet Coconut milk). I didn’t like the first bite as it was a little mild but after couple of bites I starters liking these Water Chestnut Dumplings also. They have also included Thai Cocktails and Mocktails in the menu. These will let your taste buds to have the same flavours all along your meal.


Article by Prashant Singh

Pictures by Nikhil Chawla

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