Cafe Knosh presents – Back to school food fiesta "

” School days are the best days”, indeed this line holds very true in everyone’s life. Cafe Knosh of The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel ‘Delhi, has done a beautiful effort in bringing those joyful childhood moments for us. The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel always keeps on trying to amuse their guests by doing or introducing something new to the whole thing in order to break the monotony.

This time they are having a “BACK TO SCHOOL FIESTA” where they have tried to make it an experiential gesture for their guests. People can enjoy and feel the same while having their lunch and dinner at Cafe Knosh. The whole layout of the cafe Knosh has been transformed into class room theme in different sections. Effort has been paid in every single minute possible detailing for the theme. It successfully makes your mind run down the memories of your own school days making it nostalgic all together. The staff here are transformed and dressed up like students, having a head boy and a head girl too.

The Canteen placed at the centre displays all those stuffs which we used to relish in our lunch breaks. It includes Pav Bhaji, Samosas, Choley Bhature etc for which we used to finish our Tiffins before lunch break only. In order to maintain the feel, these items are served in school Tiffins. The juices and soft drinks etc are in school bottles. Several other characters are also arranged to suffice the purpose like Alphabet blocks, class benches and Ink and glue bottles etc. A small kindergarten can also be seen along with a school rickshaw with many school bags lying over it. Things like black boards with quotations written over them, cheating notes to which we used to call as furras and paper planes made up of note book pages are placed like a chandeliers.

They have somehow also managed to get that all famous “Churan vala thela”, which used to be there outside the school premises. This thela has all the finger licking churans, candy floss, sugar candies, Chocolates and toffees etc. All these efforts of the Hotel actually takes you through your childhood reminisces and gives you a very soft and pleasant experience.

Idea was conceptualized by DEVASHREE MAHAJAN who is also the Marketing and communication Head.


Venue – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Shahadara. Delhi.

Cost: Lunch – Rs 1399++ Dinner – Rs 1599++

Last date of this “BACK TO SCHOOL FIESTA” – 21st August.

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