The New Town Cafe', Park Plaza, Noida. Lunch Buffet


Interiors of The New Town Cafe’

Lunch buffet is something that attracts me to most of the restaurants. We were invited today to experience the Lunch Buffet here at The New Town Café in Park Plaza Hotel of Noida Sector 55.




The Buffet Spread had Soups, Salads, Starters and even Fresh Fruits to begin with. The spread is superbly lavish and tempting. Maggie Noodles Soup was the first to attract me and it was fine.

They serve the starters on the table. So we helped ourselves to have the salads and fresh .fruits. We ordered for Aloo Pudina Tikki, Mutton Seekhampuri, Spring Rolls, Paneer Tikka, Chilly Fish and Chicken Anaari Tikka. For salads we had Broccoli and Baby corn salad along with some Fresh Fruits. Most of the starters were just okay. Chicken Anaari Tikka and Chilly Fish were comparatively good though. Salads were fresh and well seasoned.



Mutton Seekhampuri


Main Course :-

Now was turn for the main course. The main course had a simple dish as simple as Daal Tadka and as exotic as a Cabbage Dolma in Saffron Sauce. They also had Tofu with Chilly Beans, Fish in Hong Kong Style, Achari Murg, Aloo Gosht, Bharvan Tinda, Cannelloni in Chunky Tomato Sauce and Chicken in Onion Jus. I liked mostly everything in the main course menu. For the mains we were served Chapaties and Nans on the table directly. So basically after not so great starters we relished the mains like anything. Some of our friends also asked for Pizzas and Chicken Shashlik.


Cabbage Dolma in Saffron Sauce


Cannelloni in Chunky Tomato Sauce

They have a separate counter for Chicken Shashlik and they make it on demand. Don’t forget to order them, a must try.

Desserts :-

The Desserts looked so tempting that even after being totally stuffed by the mains, all of us had at least four to five Desserts. I had Fresh Fruit Triffle pudding, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Steamed Pudding, Blueberry Baked Cheese Cake and SOFTY. They have placed a Taylor Softy Making machine right there. One or the other team member was always there to help us with the same. The Desserts tasted as good as the looked. The service here is impeccable and we could find any glitches. The team knew their food to the core and were confident enough. Even the chef was also present all the time, in case we wanted to know anything which they were not aware of. But that didn’t happen.

Finally I must say that at Rs. 1299/- ++ this is a great deal and totally. The buffet prices goes to 1599/- ++ if you choose alcoholic beverages.






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