Netflix Originals – Must watch shows

Bored of downloading Illegal stuff on Torrent. Netflix is a website that allows you to watch amazing shows and movies on your Ipad, laptop and smart tv. It also help you manage your screening by playing the video exactly were your left. Also you don’t have storage issues and one account can have multi profile for family members.



1- Marco Polo – Marco polo is a venetian merchant who is know traveler. His father presented him to great king Kublai Khan. He stayed in Mongolian kingdom for 24 years before returning to home. Find the interesting Drama and action of the Mongolian and Chinese dynasty. It is  better than Game of Thrones as the incidents actually happened, rather than being fictional.



2 – Narco – Pablo Escobar is the biggest drug lord in the history of mankind. He believed in Silver or lead theory to influence Colombian officials. In 1990 with a net worth of  $30 billion dollars he was the 10th riches man in the world


3- Chef’s Table – Featuring most Brilliant minds in the history of culinary world. Find out the efforts and ambitions that goes into making a Michelle star restaurant. Season 2 also featuring  Gaggan Anand for his restaurant in Bangkok.




4 – Orange is the new black – Its a adaptation from a book written by Piper Kerman. Its a comedy Drama series telling about the life in a women prison.This is also the most watched series on Netflix till date.




5- Strange things – American horror story about a abduction of a young boy. His friends meet a girl who has telekinetic powers and helps them to find their friend. Ghost, Aliens or time travel who knows. Watch this series to unveil the mystery


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