Unsung heroes of Bollywood

Bollywood- Supporting actors that outshine main lead.

Bollywood has been dominated by a handfull of stars in a particular era. But there are a few instances when a movie was more dominated by their supporting star cast. I mean that we found the movie more suitable because of some unsung heroes of Bollywood.

These actors either never got a chance to be a lead actor or the movies bombed. But their particular characters are remembered by all of us. Here is a list of a few such actors who have made a mark in the movie and were equally responsible for the success of the same.


1. Deepak Dobriyal in Tanu weds Manu and Tanu weds Manu returns as Pappi ji.

I just can’t forget this innocent and jolly character. Superb comic timing and fantastic performance is the key of this iconic role played by DeepakDobriyal. The versatility of this actor enables him to excel all the time. I can never forget his intense role in Shaurya.


2. Anu Kapoor as Dr.chaddha in Vicky donor.

Talented Sperm, this is the caption that came to my mind as soon as I thought of this remarkable performance. Though the lead cast performed brilliantly, Anu Kapoor some how over shadowed the entertainment part to a great extent. He has done some more superb acts in the past as well but this has been one of his best.


3-Varun Sharma as Choocha in Fukrey.

He was just too good. I think of the movie and the first name comes to mind is Choocha. His stupid acts and comic timing was just fantastic. He stole the show totally and was loved by the audience. No wonders he is having more movies in his bag then Pulkit Samrat.


4- Arshad warsi as circuit in Munna Bhai franchise.

Circuit was the character that gave Arshad Warsi a new life. He actually did 110% justice to the faith Rajkumar Hirani showed in him. I can watch these movies anytime and can’t imagine it without him. Making your mark in presence of powerhouse performers like Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani is itself a remarkable achievement.


5- Vijay Raaz as Ganesh & Petticoat Baba in Run.

I don’t think I remember anything apart from him in the movie. He had a very small roll in the movie but then also most of us will agree to his dominance. He was the lone entertainer in the movie.


6- Boman Irani aa Chadha Sahab in Khosla ka Ghosla.

He is somebody who is an institution when it comes to acting. He has done lot many characters but this particular one is one of my personal favourites. The way he interpreted and performed was absolutely commendable.


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