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Ek Bar , Defence colony – Indian Cocktail Bar

Ek bar


Ek Bar – Defense colony

When I first met Sujan 3 years back at Olive and was impressed for his passion for Food. He was back from London with his expertise in Modern cooking techniques.Sujan is one of the best plated chefs in India Right now. He can make a simple dish look like an Art.  AD Singh & Sujan partnered for Ek bar which is an Indian cocktail bar with amazing tapas.

Ek Bar is located in the Fashion Hub of Defense colony surrounded by well-known designers. The interiors of the bar are utterly loud and pleasing at the same time. One thing you will notice that from the Ambiance to the food everything has a Desi feeling. It’s an Indian bar like none other. Sujan who has expertise the modern cooking techniques along with his Brother Pujan who is expertise in Indian cuisine have created a line of Dishes that will amaze you.

ek bar

Keeping the traditions in mind, we were served a cup of tea. This tea was poisoned with whiskey , kahwa , grapefruit juice and so on. Served in kettle and poured into a tea cup. Everyone loves Whiskey sour and they have had their own version called Old Delhi sour which has rose hip shrub and lemon which makes it different from the classic version.

ek bar

Accompanying the session of cocktails were some amazing Tapas. Liver is something which is not much popular in Indian but if you acquire the taste of it, it taste delicious. Liver pate is a French dish which is blended liver of a duck or a chicken. They serve something on a similar line but something which is more acceptable to the Indian taste buds Chicken Liver and Liquid Bheja Patê. The goat brain does not have any major flavors and has a very soft texture. Mixing it with Liver with their home blend of spices has enhanced this dish.


Ek Bar – Granola Bar V:2

The next dish was Ek Bar – Granola Bar V:2 which was tandoor fruits served with Jalmudi and Granola bar. I would be the last person to eat fruits and specially in a cocktail bar. My previous experience with tandoor fruits has not been very nice, but this dish was exceptional. The key of retaining the crispiness and not let the fruits oxidized was the difference.

ek bar 1

City of Nizam

If you like Barney Stinson and you are a fan of Gin and Tonic, then you must try their City of Nizam – Turmeric infused Gin,orange syrup, Tonic water, mace ice dome. The drink was fabulous and fresh.


I was surprised to see they have good amount of vegetarian dishes on their menu. Kataifi Wrap Chili Paneer Chili paneer wrapped in kataifi (vermicelli like pastry), served with murabba lemon (marmalade), pickled onion and homemade chilli peanut ketchup and Baked Malai Mushroom Spicy baked mushrooms,cheese fondue, topped with walnut and garlic crumbs and serve with masala kulcha

ek bar 1

Non vegetarians should not get disappointed, they have all the meat you want. Sausage Thali – Homemade chicken tikka sausage, spicy pork sausage and prawn sausage serve with Goan chorizo scotch egg, EK BAR ketchup and fresh pickle. The sausages are homemade, so you can taste the chicken and pork flavors. The Pork which they use comes from Sri Lanka as Indian pork have excess undesired fat.


Likes fruits who wants to have Khichdi in a bar , Pop Corn Khichdi  they have substituted rice with popcorn and this makes this dish from a sick person’s dish to a wow dish.Queen Victoria – Whisky, Mangoginger, lemon, honey, soda water – was our last cocktail for the day. It tasted like raw mango. But it does not have mango rather it has a very peculiar type of ginger which grows near Mango trees and acquires the taste of mango.




If drinking arouses your sweet craving then need not worry. You can have Haji Ali ki Filo Tart (Eggless) Fresh mango cream in filo pastry, topped with silver warq and crunchy fig and pecan crumbleOr Mangalore Banana Cake Served with caramelized banana and til chikki (toasted sesame cooked with jaggery) ice cream



Please note above is just a glimpse of their food and cocktails as we are humans and can’t eat beyond a point. Also they don’t use any syrups or bottled products expect for alcohol. Everything is made from scratch . The actual portion size would be a little bigger than the tasting portions





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