The Grill Room, The Lalit Hotel – New Delhi

The Grill Room , The Lalit

The Grill Room is located at the 28th Floor of The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Road. So, no prizes for guessing that it gives you a breathtaking panaromic view of the city. The ambience is also very very classy. They have a  Kitchen right at the center where their skillfull chefs show the Gastro magic. Do you want to ask Why I am saying that, well for that you have to experience it once and then you will understand. The seating here is very comfortable and cosy. The Grill Room serves some amazing Western Grills. Western grills are just opposite to what we are used to have. Indian grills are well done and are with lot of flavours and aromatics in marination while the perfect Western Grills are cooked rare to medium rare with minimum seasoning.

We were greeted with a welcoming smile and were quickly escorted to our table. The chef had a prefixed menu for us. He also offered us to order anything according to our choice, but we chose to stick with his choice. We were sure that Rohit must have guided the chef and crafted the menu according to our pallet. Amouse Bouche was the first to arrive. We were served a Goat Cheese and Olive Tepenade as Amouse Bouche. It was fabulous and exactly what we expected it to be. Then came Cheese Empanadas. The Empanadas were baked perfectly and the stuffing was fabulous. Then came a colorful platter having Burrata in the center accompanied with olives, Asparagus, grilled vegetables and Crusty Bread. Burrata, basically is a fresh cheese having outer shell of Mozzarella which is like a pouch filled with soft Curd and Cream.

The Burrata here is actually the best I have experienced till date. The vegetables accompanying it were also special as they were coated with pesto sauce before grilling, giving extra flavour to the Veggies. This process also enabled the greens to look super fresh. Burrata can be perfectly accompanied with your choice of wine. Grilled Garlic Prawns with Saffron Sauce was served as a first main course. The Prawns were grilled to perfection and the marinade was just deadly. The tender and scrumptious Prawns were so delectable that I can still remember the taste. French Cut New Zealand Lamb Chops was the second main course. I have never had a better Grilled Lamb Chops in my life. The Lamb Chops were grilled to medium rare, exactly what I like.

The Lamb Chops were red inside and were extremely juicy. In fact the Steak knife was not required, I could cut it with the bread knife only. New Zealand offers some of the finest lambs in the world and that’s the reason behind this beauty. The mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables served along with the Lamb Chops complimented the meal totally.

The grill room

Now was the time for the king of the evening, Cheese Wheel Pasta. This pasta was prepared in a special way. They actually took the freshly blanched hot Spaghetti directly to the Big Parmesan Wheel. The Spaghetti was rolled in the wheel till it took ample amount of Parmesan along with. This can actually be called loaded with cheese. There was no cream or any other sauce. The Pasta tasted absolutely fantastic, a must have.

The grill room

The Symphony of Trio were our Desserts for the meal. It had a delicious combination of Ricotta Cheese Cake, Mango Indulgence and Chocolate Mouse. The Desserts were just mind blowing. The Ricotta Cheese Cake was perfect in texture and had very balanced flavours. The Chocolate Mouse was super rich and loaded with Dark Chocolate. Mango Indulgence was also luscious and divine.


They have a great wine collection. My friends enjoyed their House wine. It was medium bodied Red Wine and complimented the meal completely. We had some amazing time here at The Grill Room. Thanks a lot to The Lalit team, specially Sous Chef Bobby ( who has also worked under MARCO PIER ), Aman and last but not the least Rohit. Aman here manages to lead his team with example and downloads the plethora of knowledge to the juniors, impressive. No wonders they have some impeccable service and right attitude towards their job.

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