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“All that glitters is not gold” is an absolutely apt saying and suits perfectly when it comes to purchase an expensive, high end luxury brand Designer handbag ,purses etc. It is very important to know that what we are purchasing is actually a real deal or not. Today duplication in the market has increased its wings to such an extent due to which it has become even more difficult to recognize between the actual real quality stuff and the fake ones.

Such fine duplicate copies are made of these imported and expensive brands which resembles a lot like the same as the original. Though one can spot fakes by examining the quality and appearance of the bag but still there are various details to be given attention to. So here are few important points which must be considered while buying these bags.

1- The best way to spot a fake and a real designer bag is the guarantee card that you get with the original bag. This guarantee card actually helps you to resell your bag. Hence making it an investment rather than being a liability. Fake ones won’t have this guarantee card with them.

2- Luxury bags will never come with a shield -shaped leather swatch hang tag but will always company’s image attached to it.

3- One of the most important thing and a big indicator is that whether the bag has a proper identification stamp or not. The letters and the numbers are the code for the the country where it was made and when it was made respectively. The second and the fourth numbers stand for the year while the first and the third numbers are for the week.

4- Stitching is the next very important thing to consider. Stitching on the fake bag is sloppy and not exactly straight in pattern. The stitching should be perfectly even with no loose threads or back and forth stitching at the end of a seam – that is a sign of a fake bag with a sloppy construction. Check the seams for the matching – whether the quilting on a Chanel bag or the pattern on a Louis Vuitton.

A company like Louis Vuitton which values its logo , wouldn’t divide the letters in a seam. And similarly where the pattern appears on the either side of the seam, it should match precisely. For example, while buying a Chanel bag – the first thing we always look at is the CC lock – it is a quick giveaway. The right C must always overlap on top and the left C should always overlap at the bottom. The width of each C should also match the width of the gap between the two C’s. The back of the CC hardware should have two screws , with CHANEL embossed on the left and PARIS on the right. CHANEL doesn’t produce bags with serial numbers of 9 or more. Authentic Chanel bags should have a high stitch count ie. more than 10 stitches per inch. And if this is not the case then that bag is not the original CHANEL bag.

5- Lining used in making the interior of the bags are another not to be forgotten point while distinguishing between a real and fake one. Let’s take an example of Louis Vuitton – L.V. uses a variety of textiles to line their bags depending upon its collection whereas the con artist pays little attention or no attention on the interior. Most commonly they would line the interior with plastic or cheap tan or brown suede making it easy for us to understand the difference.

Determining the authenticity of a handbag is a mix of art and science. Details such as stampings, symmetry, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps as well as overall workmanship and materials are inspected and determined to be consistent with the manufacturer’s established standards of quality.

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