OnePlus 3 – 5 Reasons to buy or not to buy – Review

one plus 3

OnePlus 3 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited cellphone launch of 2016. They have launched this phone in their flagship category. It is definitely a fully loaded phone with all the features one will look up for in any flagship model apart from the humongous 6GB RAM. It has the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon 820 processor and Adreno 530 GPU. This enables the phone to function smoothly with the most intensive apps also. The 5.5” Optic AMOLED display is another feature you would love to experience. It is also featured with Marshmallow 6.1 as expected.

I have been using this phone since it was launched and have found a few pros and cons in the handling and day to day use of the phone.

Plus points

  1. Body – Sleek and tough all Aluminum metal body. The OnePlus 3 has a metal body which is carved from a single slab of premium aluminum. This gives the phone an ultra slim design with a solid firm sleek metal feel.
  2. Camera – OnePlus 3 has a 16 mega pixel rear and 8 mega pixel front camera. The camera performance is really super cool, specially in ample light. It can actually give a tough fight to any other flagship phone. The phone has Sony’s IMX 298 image sensor and is quite impressive. Only a few models have a better one i.e. IMX 377. The camera also features dual-image stabilisations, optical and electronic, both. It also has support for phase-detect auto focus. However, you can also use options to manually controls like focus, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. You can save images in RAW form as well. With an 8 mega pixel front camera you would also love the selfies with your loved ones. You can also shoot 4k videos with Oneplus3.
  3. .Priority calling feature. – It has a priority calling feature. In this you can choose the contacts who you want to accept the calls of while you are occupied in other affairs and unable to take all the calls. The other numbers will directly go into a reject list. You can also prioritize your reminders and alarms as well.
  4. .Dash Charger -Another cool and very impressive feature. It enables to charge the phone in actually half the time as compared to others. The Dash Charger charges 60% of the phone in just 30 mins only . The battery also provides and full day running time. One don’t need to carry the charger all the time after charging it completely for at least 10 hours for sure. The latest Oxygen OS is the reason behind this efficient functioning of a 3000 mah battery.
  5. Finger Print Sensor.- The fingerprint scanner on oneplus 2 was lame and took more than a couple of second to read. The oneplus 3 is much better but still not the best in the market compared to Iphone 6s or Samsung note 5

Minus points

  1. Charging Port -USB C- type charging port. OnePlus 3 has a different charging port then the most of the Android phones. This results in a little hassles in day to day usage. The Battery life is long enough to run for a day in office though, but still one is made to carry the charger, or at least the charging cable.
  2. .Build Quality – The lens of the rear camera comes out of the body. This makes it really unsafe to use. You definitely have to be extra careful with it. Solution :- You can get a small scratch guard fitted just on the camera lens as a protector.
  3. Body – The major attraction to one plus 1 was the sandstone body which was scratch resistance and had a good grip. They have shifted from their unique feature and following what other premium brands are doing. The new body tends to slip from your grip! The anodised metal body definitely gives a solid firm feel, but it has also made the phone very slippery to use.
  4. Camera –  Poor low light imaging. – I am impressed with the camera but somehow I expected it to perform better in low light. It is better than many phones but not as per my expectations.
  5. Storage – No extendable Memory. -64 GB in enough, but still we are talking about a flagship phone  here. It would have been great if they would have incorporated an extendable memory feature as well.

Unboxing of one plus 3





Article by Prashant Singh

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