Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75 , WelcomHotel , Dwarka

Pavillion 75

Pavilion 75 , WelcomHotel Dwarka 

Everyone according to their lifestyle have a favorite time when they actually enjoy a meal. It can be a breakfast for some and dinner for others . I am not an early riser and also don’t like having anything before noon . My Dietician would not be very happy reading this but I don’t feel like eating in the morning. If you ask me what I like is Brunches, which are a laid back large spread of food which I can enjoy. Eating a buffet in a brunch also means I don’t have to be guilty about my calories consumption as I have the whole day to burn my calories.

WelcomHotel Dwarka is a lovely property which is an ITC member. Being member of ITC it inherit its food legacy. The pavilion 75 is the 3rd restaurant in the pavilion series in Delhi. Indian food being the heart of this all day dinning place. It was a special Sunday brunch on Father’s day when we went there to dine. They had special offer where the fathers eat for free for a table of four, along with a live band.

Coming to the brunch Buffet it was a nice spread and Desserts is the first section I check out. The reason for this is that I target all the sweet things which I would like to eat and adjust rest of my the meal according to it. I think there would be people like me who do the same rather than Eat at Will. The buffet has plenty of table served fresh hot snacks from the tandoor which were incredible in taste. I, in particular liked the tandoori chicken which came in two marinations. They also had an Oriental section which served amazing dim sums both veg and non-veg.

Keeping the West Delhi crowd in mind they also serve some local street food such as chole bhature ,jalebi and 5 to 6 types of paranthas. We found Indian food in the main course good in quality and variety.

They also had fresh juices and shakes on the menu and unlimited liquor for a little difference in price . In Alcohol they even served Brut from Chandon which I did not expect at such Economical pricing

Overall this buffet is super value for money and lot of options to explore from. Highlight of the buffet was the Dessert counter and Live appetizers.

Brunch: 12:30 pm – 4 pm


1595 + taxes (includes alcoholic beverages)

1395 + taxes (includes non-alcoholic beverages)


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