Piali curry bistro – The ultimate curry place in the heart of Delhi

Piali curry bistro
Piali curry bistro


Piali curry bistro

Piali curry bistro

Connaught place has a huge number of Lounges and Bars having a very similar theme and ambience. They all have a lounge seating, dim lights and loud music with a Multi Cuisine Menu. Some of them are a little better in handling the food and cocktails. But most of them are on similar lines. Piali  Curry Bistro is a sigh of relief amongst these stereotyped monotonous themed places. I am a kind of a foodie who would love a place where food is given a priority, and I think most of the foodies are like wise. Piali is just this kind of a Restaurant, The one with a difference.

The Ambience is classy and inviting. The seating is also very comfortable, but the tables are closely placed, there are no complaints though keeping the real estate of Connaught place in mind. They have a well stocked bar with a nicely done Bar seating as well. The music volume was just perfect and not at all loud, very soothing. The only thing I didn’t like about the Bistro is the lighting. It should be a little more bright.

Coming to the food now. Piali – The Curry Bistro serves North Indian Cuisine along with Asian cuisine. It also has a few South Indian Dishes to add on. We started our meal with a Lucknowi Street food delicacy, Khasta Kachori. Unfortunately It was not a perfect version. The Kachori was a little more thicker than it is supposed to be. This made it more soggier and sad. The next dish was Potato Skin Bowl Chaat. This a fusion of Mexican and Indian. But again the Potato skins were too thick. This made the Chaat a little a low on flavours, but overall it was fine. Lahori Chapli Kebab was our third starter. Fabulous, Fantastic, superb. I just can’t stop praising it. The sliced Kebab pieces were perfectly cooked and Marinated. The meat just melted in our mouth leaving a blast of flavours. A must must try at Piali. For the mains we ordered for Lamb Madras Curry and Spicy Daal Palak. We ordered some breads along with it as well. The Lamb Madras Curry comes with a Malabari Parantha and The Daal was served with a Butter Naan. The mains were amazing and top notch in flavors. The mains actually proved that why Piali deserves to be known as a Curry Bistro.¬† The service was also very amiable. Despite a little flaws, Piali impressed us. They took our feedbacks seriously and assured us of improvement. We will be coming back soon

*the Images are provided by the Restaurant

**The website paid the bill for the review and was offered a Discount by the Restaurant.

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