Cafeteria and co – GTB/Vijay Nagar – Review

Gtb Nagar has seen lot of new cafes opening up in the last one year. The latest entry is Cafeteria and  Co which is located on two floors. This is probably the biggest café on a single floor plate in GTB nagar. The Ambiance of the café is premium comparing it to other cafés in the vicinity. The service of this places is also really good and they do take feedbacks positively. The college notes type menu has be over done in this area and needs to be stopped now. The Glasses which may look glass but are plastic and it is another let down. It’s been a very long time since I came across a eatery that serves water in a plastic glass. I have visited this place thrice  before writing my review about the food.

These cafés are the first step for youngsters to explore different taste and cuisines. This place had played around with dish names and cooking terms very casually. For Instance we ordered a Falafel sandwich (as described in the menu) but it was a roll. Why would you call a roll a sandwich ? Is a roll an unpopular term than sandwich or its just playing around with dish name and claiming it to be a pinwheel sandwich. In that case every food can be named as a sandwich


Felafel sandwich ( Roll )

I tried their banana split shake and German chocolate shake which very nice and was happy to they did not served in a jam jar or beer mug. Both of them had a cake sponge along with ice cream to give it a thick consistence. The butter chicken spring roll were disappointing and we did not liked it. They use a tandoori mayonnaise with chicken as a filling and it did not work. The tiramisu crepes was good but they were on the lines of thin pancakes rather than crapes maybe they are using a premix. But the other elements of crepes were good The hard-shell taco cottage cheese paprika was really nice and crunchy. Love the sour cream which they have used.

Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

A Grilled Chicken Breast piece was served with Herbed Rice and Sauteed Vegetables. The Black Sauce was not at all what it supposed to be like. It was on a sweeter side. We complained about it and they responded immediately.  They offered to change the dish and we did the same.Corolina Chicken- This was the replacement dish. It. Had two Chicken Breast pieces well hammered and marinated. They were Grilled to perfection as well. The Carolina Sauce was spicy, sorry, Very spicy exactly how it should be. We loved it and it is a must try to people who like a little extra spicy food.

Tawa Biryani

Tawa Biryani

Tawa Biryani didn’t sound good to us but we were ready to take the risk. Surprisingly the Biryani was superbly done and amazingly aromatic. The Chicken Pieces were good in both quality and quantity. The Raita Mousse also complimented the Biryani.

Cafeteria and co

Mutton point steak

Mutton point steak. The thing which came on my plate was not a steak according to me. For me steak is a single cut from an Animal it could be from beef , pork , fish but it cannot be the minced version. The so called steak did not even tasted good and I could not complete it. It’s more of a pan seared cutlet than anything else. Over all I think the restaurant should not misguide people with the terms as it creates an image of a dish before it comes. I suggest they should add a description of the dish and about their version. In today’s version I have seen 19 to 21 years coming to food reviews as bloggers and this age groups cannot be taken for granted

Cafeteria and  co – Scorecard

Food Rating – 3.5/5

Value for money – 3.5/5

Service – 4.5/5







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