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Usha Nutripress Cold press juicer – Product Review



Usha Nutripress makes juices using a slow RPM which does not heat up the juice and hence the term Cold press. The Juicer is very easy to assemble once you read the manual and it hardly takes 2 min to fix it and 5 min to clean the juicer after using it. The juicer comes with three attachments for different consistence in the outcome. The first attachment uses very fine filters and you get refined juice which is very thick as compared to other juicers.

Usha nutripress

We tried making mango juice from this juicer and the results was better than any other product available in the market. We loved the consistency and the natural flavors. The second attachment has comparatively bigger filters and does not separate fiber from the fruit. This attachment is used to make very nice smoothies. We tried making a fruit punch by adding ice cream into the fruit smoothie and blending it. You can also use this attachment to make very fine tomato puree which would be reddish in color as the white seeds of the tomatoes are left behind and do not get blended in. We loved the red sauce we made using the smoothie attachment and it took less time to thicken the sauce as well.



The last attachment is used to make frozen desserts from fruits. For this you have to zip lock the fruits such as mango or banana overnight. The fruits would become ice cold but avoid using fruits with too much water content such as Watermelon as this would damage the machine. You can make an excellent banana dessert using this attachment and can add nutella over it to give some extra flavor. As for this season we can really great results if we use mango which would give an excellent sorbet like natural dessert without any extra added sugar to it.


Overview – This is an excellent product which helps you to make quality juice at the comfort of your home without adding any additional sugar and preservatives. The juicer attachment can used in preparing various dishes and by using the Nutripress the natural flavors can also be retained . It is easy to operate and does not have any sharp blades. Even young kids/teenagers can also use this machine under adult supervision. We give this machine a Thumbs up.

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