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Fusion Jewellery by Ritika Bhasin

Ritika Bhasin

“FUSION” has taken over our lives quite remarkably. Right from the food, clothing, lifestyle etc, we can see it prevailing almost everywhere.  the jewellery has not been left untouched. It is true that no one likes wearing the old traditional and heavy heritage jewellery these days because the time has moved on and the present generation demands something more. They want something eclectic and having the traditional factor intact with them.

Then the evolution of the era of fusion jewellery took place and embarked a strong place in today’s modern time. Jewellery is worn to accentuate ones outfit. Universally jewellery trends and styles changes from time to time. Modern jewellery has recently boomed. Mash up of stones has led to an increased variety in style. Fusion jewellery is all about reinventing trends by updating style and yet maintaining the old world charm of the original piece. These days bold statement pieces with gold, stones, chains and different type of pearls and lot are trending.

‘Ritika Bhasin’ is one such name in the fashion industry who has actually taken this job forward beautifully. She has been known for her “garment designing” and now she is conquering the fashion industry yet again with a modern twist with the jewelleries. She recreates old pieces of heritage jewellery into modern wearable statement pieces which can be teamed up easily with a perfect modern outfit



Ritika Bhasin


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